Friday, April 29, 2016

Live Review: Larkin Poe at Mercury Lounge (4/19/16)

>> At first glance, Rebecca and Megan Lovell may not be taken for sisters. While Rebecca has the easy, eclectic look of a 70’s rock star (complete with turquoise jewelry), older sister Megan sports the dyed grey hair and all-black of a 90’s goth goddess. It’s surprising enough that the two come from the same band, let alone the same family. But fast forward two minutes into Larkin Poe’s set at Mercury Lounge—a show played immediately after a triumphant stint in Europe with Elvis Costello and a quick set on the Conan O’Brien show—and it is obvious that the two grew up side by side.

>> There’s a magic in the musical bond between the Lovell sisters, something that can only come from spending a childhood together learning to play guitar in the same house. The sisters were homeschooled by their parents (both doctors) in Atlanta, Georgia, which meant plenty of time together to form the bond that is now evident when the two perform on stage.

>> Even in a crowded Manhattan bar, Larkin Poe brings the earthy soul of Georgia to life in their music. Rebecca’s deep, soulful voice, crystal clear over Megan’s lap style slide guitar, transforms a dark back room into a field of wildflowers, and a low ceiling crisscrossed with stage lights into a wide open sky speckled with thousands of stars. This incredible transformative power of Larkin Poe, coupled with the Lovell sisters’ intuitive knowledge of each other’s musical tics, makes for an incredible performance—one you would be wise to catch next time they come to town.

- Photos and words by Emily Becker 

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