Monday, July 11, 2016

Lesley Barth Shares Groovy "Just Like Summer" Video

>> Heading into the blistering dog days of summer, Lesley Barth has armed herself with gorgeous vocal harmonies and a fresh spirit, ready to break through the listlessness of long, muggy afternoons. Her video for “Just Like Summer” is a cool breeze on a sunny day - so much so that passersby in Central Park felt compelled to join in on the filming fun and fall in love with summer all over again. 

>> Lesley ruminates on summer love, saying “In terms of the story behind the song, I had a little melody of “I love you just like summer” that popped into my head a few months ago. This idea of wanting someone as badly as you want summer felt like a strong lyrical idea to explore, and the chorus fell quickly into place, with verses following afterwards.” You can watch “Just Like Summer” below.

>> Lesley’s full length album, Green Hearts, is set for release in Fall of 2016.

- Emily Becker

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