Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Found Glory Release "Party On Apocalypse" Video

>> If you’ve ever wondered where you’d want to be when the world ends, ponder no more. New Found Glory have won the coveted title of “Most Happenin’ Apocalypse Preppers” with their new video for “Party On Apocalypse.” This party has everything: an underground tunnel, nuclear fallout, skeletons, a dance off… and most importantly, a reminder that even if the end is near, your friends are always closer.

>> Echoing the sentiments of a nervous generation, guitarist Chad Guilbert notes, “Is the end of the world near...? It sure feels like it sometimes. If the end is inevitable, haven't you thought about rounding up all the people you love for a celebration? A Party On Apocalypse. This video was intended to feel like a 2002 TRL video, trapped in a Hollywood Apocalypse gritty film. Try to be a light in a dark place!

>> The band is currently on the road on their 20 Years of Pop Punk anniversary tour which wraps up on May 18th, and their new album, Makes Me Sick, drops on April 28th. Get more information on both via

-  Written by Emily Becker

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