Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Live Review: I the Mighty at Irving Plaza (6/15/16)

>> I the Mighty's 2015 album, Connector, saw the band balance its harder rock tenancies that were prevalent in 2013's Satori with catchier, almost pop-like melodies. Satori chronicled a break up, while their latest album showed growth in the band's song writing and overall composition of music. The lights were low as the band broke into their opening track, "Lady of Death." In certain instances as the guitar chords rang throughout the speakers, each of the band members were enclosed by a faint, spatter of spotlight. Throughout the nine song set, the clash of blue and green moody coloring contrasted the energy of the crowd which had a dichotomy of being lively and intensely listening to the music. They played songs like "Slow Dancing Forever," which makes use of programmed beat. If that was considered the calm, the madness of "Failures" was the storm. A set from I the Mighty would not be complete without guitarist Ian Pedigo's slowly raising his guitar in the sky. All in all, the New York crowd was welcoming to a band that seems to be actively progressing their music and live act.

- Photos and words by Murjani Rawls

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