Monday, September 29, 2014

Big Picture Media Announce 6th Annual CMJ Showcase

>> The 2014 CMJ Music Marathon will take over NYC on October 21-25th.  Big Picture Media just announced their 6th annual showcase for the marathon, set to take place October 22nd at The Living Room in Brooklyn.  The show will feature performances from Have Mercy, Night Riots, Alexz Johnson, Vinyl Thief, TEAM, and more. Admission is free for CMJ badge holders and $8 for non-badge holders (21+ only).  Details for the event, including set times, can be seen below.

BPM Showcase Set Times:
6:00pm - 6:20pm - Plaid Brixx
6:35pm - 6:55pm - Fictionist
7:10pm - 7:30pm - Somebody's Darling
7:45pm - 8:05pm - BRAEVES
8:20pm - 8:40pm - Alexz Johnson
8:55pm - 9:15pm - TEAM
9:30pm - 9:50pm - The Future Laureates
10:05pm - 10:25pm - Barkhouse
10:40pm - 11:00pm - Emily Wolfe
11:15pm - 11:40pm - Night Riots
11:55pm - 12:20am - Have Mercy
12:35am - 1:00am - Vinyl Thief
1:15am - 1:45am - Holiday Mountain

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The Wonder Years Fall Tour with The Story So Far Starts 10/1

>> The Wonder Years will be kicking off their headlining tour with The Story So Far, Modern Baseball, and Gnarwolves on Wednesday October 1st!  The tour will run for the entire month of October,  which is only days away, so get your tickets here if you haven't already. 

Fall Tour Dates:
10/01 - Bloomington, IL @ Castle Theater
10/02 - Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
10/03 - Providence, RI @ Lupos
10/04 - Philadelphia, PA @ Self Help Fest
10/06 - Patchogue, NY @ Emporium
10/07 - Norfolk, VA @ Norva
10/08 - Charlotte, NC @ The Fillmore
10/09 - Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco
10/10 - Tulsa, OK @ Cains
10/12 - Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
10/13 - Tucson, AZ @ Club XS
10/18 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst
10/19 - Pomona, CA @ The Fox Theater
10/21 - Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Live
10/22 - Salt Lake City, UT - Club Sound @ In the Venue
10/23 - Cheyenne, WY @ Atlas Theatre
10/24 - Lincoln, NE @ Bourbon Theatre
10/25 - St. Louis, MO @ The Ready Room
10/26 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
10/28 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Intersection
10/29 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
10/31 - Bethlehem, PA @ Sands Events Center

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Lorde Releases "Yellow Flicker Beat" From 'Mockingjay' Soundtrack

>>  It was previously announced that Lorde will be curating the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1.  Today, Lorde released her song from that soundtrack: "Yellow Flicker Beat."  While the full soundtrack will be available sometime this fall through Republic, you can listen to "Yellow Flicker Beat" below.

>> Mockingjay - Part 1 hits theaters on November 21st, 2014.  Until then, listen to the song and read the note Lorde posted about the track and the soundtrack in general on her Tumblr, which you can see here:
i’m sitting up in bed, moving through desert halfway between utah and las vegas. yesterday was our ninth show in eleven days. every night, after i play, and say hi, and take pictures, and i walk up the stairs and we go on our way, i set up in this little bed office. i work from midnight until late on the soundtrack, singing into my computer, listening to demos and final mixes. my bus sleeps. we are almost at the end, the point where this soundtrack gets taken away from me and becomes something real. i’m reminded of this day last year, when pure heroine came out in this country. the feeling of something very solitary that i had worked on spinning around and around further away from me, becoming someone else’s, everyone’s. the past year of my life has seen everything around me multiply in size and number - the stamps on my passport, the number of people i have to ask before i ride on the ferris wheel after my set at a festival, the decibels that follow me when i walk around in public. the other thing that’s grown is me - my fitness, my mental stamina, my ability to think clearly and make decisions - but most of all, my capacity for love. the thousands upon thousands (wait, millions(?!!)) of you who bought pure heroine truly feel like friends to me - it’s no coincidence i’m posting this note here, where i feel the most happy and safe online, the place where i laugh the most and where every day, i feel like people get me. i never knew i could feel such a warm heart for this many people at once. thankyou for hearing about me all those months ago, and sticking around. thankyou for being here.
now, about this song - yellow flicker beat. it’s my first offering from what i hope will be a soundtrack you love. it’s my attempt at getting inside her head, katniss’. i hope you like it. 

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Weekend Update: Ariana Grande on Saturday Night Live

>> Late night TV is a passion of mine, and more often than not, these shows feature some killer musical guests. For instance, I love Saturday Night Live.  It's kind of my thing, actually.  How else would I have first discovered The Lonely Island if I hadn't been watching when "Lazy Sunday" first aired?   For those of you who have better things to do or can't seem to stay up that late on a week night, I'll be giving you a recap of what you missed. 

>> Pop star Ariana Grande was the musical guest this past weekend for the 40th season premiere of Saturday Night Live.  The episode, hosted by actor Chris Pratt, featured skits mocking Marvel, Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and the bar scene, 90s family sitcoms, and much more.  (*The Marvel skit is on point, so I highly recommend checking that out if you're a fan of the brand.) Between the skits, Ariana Grande performed twice.  First was a version of her single "Break Free" with a sweet stripped down intro that soon transitioned into the high energy pop anthem we know it to be.  

>> Later in the show, Ariana performed "Love Me Harder," a song from her album My Everything, with a guest spot from The Weeknd.  The two had great chemistry on the stage, and I don't know about you, but that song has been stuck in my head since the performance. You can watch that below.

>> Now, as much as I love late night TV shows such as SNL and The Tonight Show, I can't possibly watch them all.  That's where you come in - if you've recently seen an awesome performance, let me know! I'd love to feature whatever you think is worth mentioning: Tweet @TheMusicObsessi, tag #TheMusicObsession on Twitter and Instagram, or write something at !

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Friday, September 26, 2014

PVRIS Announce Debut Album, Release "My House" Video

>> PVRIS recently announced that their debut full length album, titled White Noise, will be released on November 4th through Rise Records. Fans can pre-order the album produced by Blake Harnage now on iTunes where they'll instantly receive "My House" and "St. Patrick."  The album is also available for pre-order through PVRIS's online merch store with a myriad of bundle options, including vinyl, CDs, sweatshirts, posters, and more.  You can see the album art and track listing for White Noise below.

White Noise Track Listing:

1. Smoke
2. St. Patrick
3. My House
4. Holy
5. White Noise
6. Fire
7. Eyelids
8. Mirrors
9. Ghosts
10. Let Them In

>> Can't wait for the album to drop? Watch PVRIS's new video for their song "My House" below.

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Acoustic obSessions: Sheppard at SiriusXM Alt Nation

>> My friends in the Aussie pop act Sheppard have been traveling a lot lately, and one of their recent stops included a trip to SiriusXM Studios.  The band performed their single "Geronimo" as well as a sweet cover of Lorde's "Royals" for Alt Nation.  You can watch those two performances below.


"Royals" (Lorde Cover)

>> Like what you hear? Be sure to catch Sheppard's US television debut on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on October 20th!

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The College Experience with Nicole Dabrowski

>>  Hello, all! Today we're getting back into the swing of things with the first College Experience feature of the fall semester. To catch you up on what this feature is for, here's a brief explanation of what I'm after:  The College Experience is my way of discussing the pros and cons of taking steps to have a career while still being a student, or how the desire to be involved with the music industry could interfere with the pursuit of a degree.  I'll be asking a selection of folks the same basic questions regarding their school, their role in the industry, their struggles, and their goals.  I'll also ask about each person's individual projects, whether they are photographers, musicians, aspiring publicists, writers, promoters, and the like. I think it'll be interesting to see how each of us deals with the difficulties of balancing  and prioritizing the various obstacles we face as students with big ambitions.

>> Today's feature puts a spotlight on Nicole Dabrowski. Nicole is a senior, and has been gradually working her way into the industry since street teaming in high school. From grass roots marketing to working with AEG Live, Nicole has had her fair share of experiences in the industry, all while getting through school.  You can read about her experience of juggling school work, promoting, and shows below.

Please state your name, age, what school you attend and what year you're in.
Nicole Dabrowski, 20. Marymount Manhattan College, Senior.

When and how did you first get involved with the music scene?
I always loved going to shows and listening to music when I was young. My family loves music and going to shows.I first started taking interest in the music industry side when I first joined my local music venue in high school to do an activity after school other than sports. I started doing grass root marketing on my social media profiles (Twitter, Myspace, Facebook) about shows that played at the School of Rock venue in South Hackensack. I also co-ran local bands New Jersey Street Teams (i.e Stay, For the Foxes, and The Bay State) with my friend and gained a lot of knowledge from the process of street teams and promotions.

If you got involved at a relatively early age, was it difficult having to deal with age restricted shows?
I was not too young when it came to age restricted shows because the local venue I used to go to had 15+ shows at the time when I was that age. When it came to shows in NYC, there are a lot of 21+ shows which I could never get into, but I always tell myself-they will always be back around.

Now that you're in college, has that aspect gotten easier? Are things more accessible to you now?
Shows are pretty much at my advantage right now because I go to school in NYC. There are so many options when going to shows. I can go to a big venue show at the Barclays Center or Madison Square Garden or I can go to an intimate show at Highline Ballroom, Best Buy Theater, or even a random dive bar.

Do you find that you have more or less free time generally as a college student?
The last two years of college I have very less time to do things, but I feel thats what makes it all exciting. A lot of people do not have the opportunity to do this, so I feel very grateful to be doing what I do. You really need to find a balance of your school work, internship, and social life. I have gone to less shows, but you need to find a middle ground for everything in your life to be happy.

What experiences have you had so far in the industry?
I have done grassroots marketing all throughout high school for my local music venue before it closed. I used to help my friend run street teams for New Jersey and be more involved with the bands with interviews and promotion of their upcoming singles, albums, and tours in the East Coast area. I helped Photo Finish records at the Bamboozle music festival my senior year of high school where I started networking with people in the industry (My first step in the door). Sophomore year into my college career, I interned in the digital marketing department at Photo Finish Records. I learned a lot about research and demographics of the artist roster of the record label. I ran the social media outlets for the label and the artist on the roster like The Mowgli’s. Even though I was part of the digital marketing department, I learned a lot in the A & R department and the process of discovering new artists. I currently have been interning in the marketing department at AEG Live for the last two years, which is a concert promotion/production company. I have learned to build advertisement plans for shows, research demographics, and learn the ticketing side of shows.

What kind of marketing did you do for your local music venue? What did that involve?
I did a lot of grass root marketing, such as putting flyers up around the area to create awareness of the show and the venue itself. I mostly did digital marketing where I utilized my social media platforms to bring attention to the shows. I would post the date of the show, the band's social outlets, and their single of the moment for people to check out.

How was that similar to or different from the street team work you did?
It was similar to the street team work because it is all about creating awareness through every outlet possible in a non-annoying way. You want to make everything you post attractive and fun. You do not want to put too much in a post or too little. It can be difficult at times.

What was the experience of helping Photo Finish at an event as big as Bamboozle like? Did it require a lot of planning beforehand, or did you get your assignments day-of?
I got all my assignments day-of the show, I had no idea what to expect. The festival setting is a lot of fun. You meet and see a variety of people and you have so many conversations it's insane, all while great music is playing in the background. I worked with selling merchandise at the tent, as well as running the spinning wheel where fans won prizes. It was chaotic, but the adrenaline rush makes everything so much better.

It seems like you got a lot out of your time with Photo Finish, at Bamboozle and even more so as their digital marketing intern. What made you decide to move on from there to join AEG Live?
I really wanted to learn about every aspect of the music industry because all in all you can relate to the different categories of the industry. I learned the marketing of a record label so I felt I should learn about Touring side of things because they work with each other to create shows and tours.

Would you say that having different internships in different areas of the industry helped you figure out what you want to do after graduating?
For sure, I believe you should try to learn about as much as the industry as you can. I read multiple books about music marketing, touring, and other aspects of music. All in all, in the music industry you will associate with a variety of music outlets such as radio, blogs, and labels. It is good to learn the basics of each part of the industry so you have the knowledge of understanding where they are coming from. I had to try different departments of the industry to figure out what most interested me. You need to be happy with your career and expand your knowledge to go further. Its a win for you no matter what.

Being actively involved in the music industry, how often have you been tempted to skip class or put off an assignment in order to attend? How do you make the choice?
Sometimes, it is extremely tempting to skip class and put off an assignment, but if you know about the show and your work, get it done and do not miss any major classes so you can be absent like once or twice. If you are struggling in school, DO NOT miss classes. *NOTE: Totally don’t suggest to skip classes*

Have you ever arranged your schedule based on music related obligations? Have you ever had to turn something down or reschedule something based on your school schedule?
Yes, I have because of an internship music related event. I felt it would be a good thing to miss something for my career and not because I just wanted to skip class or if I was just being lazy. I also had to schedule my classes around my music internship so I have enough time to learn in both environments and not go crazy.

Are you often faced with tough choices when it comes to priorities and scheduling as a student who's also involved in the music industry?
All the time, but it's part of working in the music industry. It's so fast paced you need to be organized and have great time management. I had to give up weekends with my friends to focus on school. If you have the passion to work all the time, then you have to keep up with it and be willing to expect to give up things.

Do you struggle with roommates? Do they ever complain about you taking up too much space or being too loud with your musical endeavors?
I never struggled with my roommates, they love when I play music while we get ready on the weekends. We also listen to throwback music on our Friday nights haha. They never complain about my musical endeavors, but I am also respectful of their space and listen to my music with my headphones.

What is one of the biggest obstacles you've faced while trying to progress your career while still in school? Have you faced many tough obstacles like that, or has being in school helped you take those next steps?
Balancing of work, school, and a social life has definitely been my ultimate struggle. School is important and so is working on your career, but at some point I have lost touch or have not seen friends because I was more focused on school and work. It does not sound like a big deal, but sometimes you need a break to be with friends and to relax.

How has being in college helped you advance your involvement in the music industry? Do you think the pros of being in both outweigh the cons?
College, for sure, has helped me advanced in my involvement in the music industry. It’s all about networking and doing as much as you can in the life you live. You have a lot more freedom when you are in college to go about the music industry in your own way. You can meet people at a show, the workplace, and in passing. Theres so many advantages all around you, especially in New York City- where music is a big part of everyone’s lives. In the end, when you really think about it, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Throughout all the stress and experiences you have gone to a place further than you were before, nothing is easy.

Do you think it's been beneficial to start your career in the music industry while you're still in school?
I think its a extremely beneficial to start your career while you’re school. As much as the industry is big, it is very small. Once you get your name out there, its just the beginning of the start of your career. I feel the more time you get your name out there, the more helpful it is for you in the end.

What are your plans for after graduation?
After graduation, I would love to stay in the music industry whether it is the tour production or record label side. I enjoy in working events and artist VIP relations bringing the fans and artists closer.

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New Music Video: 'Personal Cross' by Vanna

>>  In today's music scene, there are those that party, those that live straight edge, and those that find a happy balance in between.  Sometimes that happy balance is harder to come by than it seems. This is evident in the new music video from Boston hardcore act Vanna for their song 'Personal Cross'. This is the second video the band has released for their latest album VOID, which I reviewed here. You can check out the new video below.

>> Following  'Digging', the first video released off of VOID, 'Personal Cross' takes a more harsh approach compared to its more melodic predecessor. The video goes between shots of Vanna performing live, laying passed out in the same room, and lead vocalist Davey Muise sprawled out in an open field. The video portrays the song well by showing someone dealing with personal demons and relying on one's self to get through debilitating times. 

>> Muise, in an exclusive with with Loudwire, states that the personal cross helps to "bear the weight of your woes and troubles." He goes on to state that even if you think you are a messed up person in darkness, there is still light inside yourself that only you alone can bring out. 

>> Vanna will be on Beartooth's headline tour this fall along side Sirens & Sailors and Sylar starting on October 3 in Chicago. Tickets can be purchased here, and dates are below: 

- Zach Zima

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Album Review: 'The Concrete Flower' by No Bragging Rights

>> No Bragging Rights have perfected their pit-friendly sound since forming in 1999, and The Concrete Flower is proof of this. It brings a basic melodic hardcore sound that can be heard on the band's previous releases. If you came to find a band testing their limits in different musical sounds then you came to the wrong place. However, if you are looking for an album with chunky riffs mixed with emotion-evoking melodies, as well at lyrics about hope and perseverance, then look no further!

For fans of: Stick to your Guns, Vanna, The Ghost Inside

>> As I mentioned, this album does not push the limits musically, but to be honest I wasn't expecting that. What I was expecting was to be moved by the lyrical content, and this is where The Concrete Flower flourishes. The vocalist, Mike Perez, wears his heart on his sleeve and belts lyrics of strength through struggle, perseverance, empowerment, and bringing light to the subject of suicide. Some might find this to be cliche, but hardcore has always been about portraying pure emotion and sharing it with the crazy kids in the pit. 

>> The title track is catchy and fast paced. It could be one of my favorite songs on this release, although I did find the clean vocals unattractive due to an almost auto tuned sound at some points. 'Right Minded' is one of the heaviest songs off of The Concrete Flower and is worth listening if you need a reminder as to why you love mosh-inducing music. You can check out this song below.

>> 'Attention' is another song that needs mentioning; it was one of the first songs I got into lyrically. The song is a "thank you" to those in the armed forces, but more importantly, it is an actual call to attention to help those struggling after serving. Many men and women come home with injuries and mental issues after fighting wars that not everyone agrees with. Perez screams out "Thanks for your service, now die in silence," because he feels the system is shunning those who keep us safe. 

>> So, is The Concrete Flower pushing the limits of modern hardcore? In my opinion, no. It is, however, a well-crafted album that any alternative or heavy music fan can enjoy, with thought provoking lyrical content that makes the listener think about their own life. If you are looking for melodic but heavy sound from  a band with several years under their belt then look no further than NBR's The Concrete Flower. You can pick this album up on September 23rd at your local record store, online, or on iTunes.

>> You can catch No Bragging Rights with Senses Fail on the Let It Enfold You 10 Year Anniversary Tour, also featuring Knuckle Puck and To The Wind, until the beginning of October. The band will then venture over the Atlantic with the same package.

- Zach Zima

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An Interview with (Hed) p.e.

>> If you haven't heard of (Hed) p.e., you've been missing out for about two decades now. The band have taken their punk / metal / rasta combo to the next level with their latest album, Evolution, which was released in July through Pavement Entertainment.  After listening myself, it's clear that this is an album meant for people who want some aggression as well as soul in their music. I recently spoke with Jackson about the band's latest album, the writing process, the perks of vinyl, and more.

Please state your name and role in the band.
This is Jackson; guitar player/songwriter for (hed) p.e.

You’ve been around for almost 20 years now as (hed) p.e. - that’s an incredible accomplishment.. What’s the trick for keeping the passion going for you?
Thank you! The passion either exists on its own or not at all. For me, it's important to stay present. There are too many opportunities to lose sight of my purpose, so staying aware allows me to channel that passion and bring it into what I contribute to this band. Otherwise, the superficial things quickly begin to take over and cloud it all up. Those things can threaten longevity.

What is the songwriting process like? Generally does your music or your lyrics come first? 
It depends. I don't write lyrics, so when I come up with a song and make a demo out of it, there are obviously no lyrics yet, so the music comes first in that instance. Jared, who writes the lyrics, he may already have words or melodies in mind when writing music. Or he may not. Typically, I submit a group of demo songs to Jared and the rest of the guys, with arrangements, and they take on their respective form later on in the process. Jared sometimes hears a different arrangement or part than what is on my demos, so he'll arrange them accordingly. When it comes time to record, we play our parts using the demo as a template.

Do you feel like you are more open to just letting the music sort of come to you? Or do you have an exact image or sound in your head that you’re focused on and try not to stray from when writing?
With this album, we had a pretty good idea of what style we wanted to approach before I sat down to write. But, some of the songs on the album come from demos I wrote back in 2010 as well. I was really just going for a mood. I wasn't so focused on technique. I wanted to create a moment. I was listening to a lot of Black Sabbath and really wanted to approach the guitar from that perspective, which really helped me do what I wanted to do. But, the music usually just comes to me.

Please tell us about the writing and recording process for the new album. What felt different about Evolution?
The writing process starts with a collection of demo songs, written at home. After discussing the sound we wanted to capture on this record, we found ourselves at sound check jamming on a riff I had and it became clear that this was the sound we wanted. After that, I went home and wrote a collection of demo songs and submitted them to Jared and the rest of the guys.

For the past few albums, we typically go into the studio as a band and record all at once. The priority in this scenario is getting a great drum sound. If there is any need for guitar or bass to be re recorded, we do so after the drums have been laid out completely. With this album, we actually recorded each instrument in different studios at different times. The drums were recorded in Ohio, the guitars were recorded in Michigan, the vocals were recorded in Idaho, the bass was recorded while on the road, and the album was mixed in California. Production-wise, it was put together like a jigsaw puzzle.

When in the studio, what is your favorite part of the process? Do you enjoy the tracking and playing around with different ideas? Do you like the mastering and perfection of sound?
I enjoy all parts of the process. I wish I could be more a part of it actually. But, there's something about sitting at home and noodling around with my own ideas, uninterrupted, that presents a certain freedom and openness that I don't have other wise. In contrast, there is something amazing that happens when I get together with the guys and start jamming. Each scenario presents certain elements that the other cannot. If I had to choose my favorite part, I would say it's the initial writing phase because that is when I have a sense of "anything goes."

You recently released Evolution on vinyl. Did you guys always want to release that album on vinyl? How did you decide to keep it at such a limited run?
I wasn't a part of that decision, so I can't comment too much on it. But, I can say that it is a great idea and I have always been a proponent of vinyl as a medium. The sound quality of vinyl is unmatched and I know there are many fans who have asked about getting this album on vinyl, so I'm happy we could oblige.

What was the major inspiration behind Evolution, and what do you want listeners to get out of it?
The inspiration came from many different places. Musically, I just wanted to make the best music I possibly could within the parameters presented. I only hope listeners are inspired as well.

You'll be touring overseas next month. What are you most looking forward to in that run?
I'm looking forward to once again stepping outside of my comfort zone and gaining a new perspective on my own culture by immersing myself in another.

Do you have a favorite venue to play? Do you have a favorite state or country to play in?
The Machine Shop, in Flint, Michigan… That place has always been great for us!

For those who might not have heard your music yet, what's one thing you would say to get them to listen to (hed) p.e.?
I might say, "If you're ready to hear music that requires a seat belt, check out my band!"

Is there anything else you want to add?
Thanks to the fans! Without you, we are nothing! And thanks to you for inviting me here! This was fun!

Questions from Kate Russell & JP Catalanotto

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Spencer Sutherland Announces "Female Friday Cover Series"

>> Last week, singer / songwriter Spencer Sutherland announced his fun new campaign:  his "Female Friday Cover Series.” This “Female Friday Cover Series” campaign allows fan to vote on which popular song they want Spencer to cover each week. You can cast your vote by posting a hashtag with Spencer and the name of the song on social media - so for example, you'd post #SpencerBreakFree if you wanted him to cover "Break Free" by Ariana Grande. On Friday of each week, Spencer will post the winning cover video. This week's options can be seen below! Get your tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram pics in by this Wednesday at 11:59pm.  Remember, one lucky voter gets a shout out from Spencer!

>> The first winning song was “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea, and you can watch the video of Spencer's cover below.

>> Bonus Round: Check out Spencer's latest single, "Heartstrings," if you haven't already! Click here to watch the lyric video.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Architects Release Border Wars Episode II

>> The Architects   have released their long awaited second installment of the Border Wars five-part series, Border Wars Episode II! Fans can once again immerse themselves in the desert noir 6 track EP along with the new comic book with art by Mallory Dorn

>> If you don't have your tickets for the Architect train yet, now is your chance. This may just be the most ass-kicking EP you listen to all year, and you'll have chance to see the guys live and pick up a copy of the comic/EP combo this fall when they hit the road with Agent Orange 

The album is available on Alternative Press for streaming here and is available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon

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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Family Breakfast Does Chicago

>> Breakfast Eaters, TFB is back. Back from a hiatus that rivals that of Blink-182, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance combined, I've returned to bring you the very best in metal, bluegrass, and everything in between if it sits on the jam spectrum. And boy, are we back with a vengeance. 

>> On the way back to the big apple, we've decided to park it for little over a week in Chicago. Ah, Chicago. The drinking town with a sports problem. City of underdogs. Pizza Paradise. The windy hot dog. Where there's always a light on. Birthplace of Cheap Trick. Home of Michael Jordan's Steakhouse. Da bears. You get the idea. 
The first stop on the Breakfast train is...

The Architects

>> Hey guys, we missed you. Remember Border Wars vol. 1? (If you haven't picked up this EP/Comic book triumph by now don't even look at me.) Adam, Brandon, Keenan and Zach are back with Border Wars vol. 2, which is out September 9th and is available to stream with a preview of the comic illustrated by the ever talented Mallory Dorn on Alternative Press. This installment is even more dangerous than the last, and just begs to be played live. We Know We're Lucky, Babe, cause we get to see them play tonight at Reggies celebrating the release of Border Wars vol. 2 alongside Josh Berwanger Band and The Seething Coast. The show starts at nine, and as you know the live Architects show is always worth two in the bush. So don't be the idiot bird getting owned - if you live in Chicago, be there. Be loud. 

next stop...

World Music Festival Chicago 2014 

>> The 16th annual WMF is taking place throughout the city of Chicago September 11-21. The best part is, every WMF show is FREE! This is a chance to really broaden your musical horizons in this multi-venue, multi-borough experience. I'm personally excited to be attending Ragamala: A Celebration of Classical Indian Music which is going to be 12 hours long at the Chicago Cultural Center and features a grip of different classical Indian performers from 9PM to 9AM the next morning. All information including set times and locations for World Music Festival Chicago can be found here.

Last stop...

Riot Fest 2014 
>> That's right folks, it's time for the biggest punk rock smorgasbord of the year featuring a tasty selection of some of TMO's favorite bands. We've got an almost-debut performance from former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frnk Iero &The Cellabration, The Get Up Kids, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Bouncing Souls, The Murder City Devils, Slayer, The Cure, Cheap Trick...the list goes on and on and we here at The Family B-fast get more and more hungry. Hungry for the rock. The festivities, including a full-on carnival and a Pussy Riot panel hosted by Henry Rollins (!) begins Friday, September 12th and Ends Sunday the 14th and is being hosted in Humboldt Park. To create your own custom lineup and for full Riot Fest details go here. 

>> If you find yourself in Chicago, be sure not to miss any of these insane events. They all promise to be "hella coolguy emoji." We'll be keeping our ears open. Stay fresh. See you out there. 

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Peace, Love and Family Breakfast,
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

New Music Video: "Joyriding" by Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration

>> Frank Iero, potentially the nicest guy in the biz, has released a new video for frnkiero andthe cellabration's latest single "Joyriding."  The song comes from the Cellabration's newly released album, titled Stomachaches.  What starts out with a clean cut looking band playing a song soon becomes twisted and, well, messy.  Watch the video below.

>> Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration will be hitting the road soon in support of Stomachaches:  first by playing a few shows with This Good Robot, and then teaming up with Taking Back Sunday and The Used.  The Cellabration's upcoming tour dates can be seen here.

- Kate Russell

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Into It. Over It. Release Video For "The Shaking Of Leaves"

>> Into It. Over It. (Evan Weiss) released a video for "The Shaking Of Leaves," a song from his 2013 album Intersections.  While the video depicts a wonderfully animated story of a dog running away from home with ultimately a happy ending, the song was written about the murder of one of Weiss's friends.  The song itself is soft and sweet with a sense of looming darkness. It's beautifully written to say the least, and the video is able to touch on that darkness without being overwhelmed by it.  You can watch the video for "The Shaking Of Leaves" directed by John Komar and Reza Iman below a message from Evan Weiss.
Over a year in the making, John Komar (the director) and I had been going back and forth perfecting this video for quite some time. The initial storyboard had gone through multiple changes and ideas until we landed on the final theme. The most difficult part was coming up with something for the bridge section of the song — conveying the lyrics (about a very serious and sensitive topic) while still giving the story an optimistic outcome. This song was written for my fallen friend Mitch Dubey. The video was designed and written with him in mind. I think he would have loved it..

- Kate Russell

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