Saturday, March 4, 2017

Side Saddle Release "Dog In The Night"

Photo Credit: David F Choy

>> Having made a name for themselves in their beloved Astoria music scene, Side Saddle just released a brand new song and video to further highlight their signature indie rock goodness. Their latest tune, "Dog In The Night," marks the beginning of a new phase for the band as they relocate to Boston, MA, and you can see the video for it below. 

>> Side Saddle was the grand prize winner of Silver Sound Showdown 7 which allowed to them create the "Dog In The Night" video with unparalleled director Fletcher Wolfe. The stunning visuals perfectly match the energy of the song itself, making this something worth watching again and again.

>> New to Side Saddle? Be sure to give their 2016 album Stunner a listen and stay tuned for what they release next.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Steel Panther Announce 2017 Girls In A Row Tour

>>Get your shockers ready: Steel Panther is coming out with a new album, titled Lower The Bar, on March 24th. To properly celebrate, the band is hitting the road for their 2017 Girls In A Row Tour shortly after. Catch metal's favorite hooligans performing songs from the new album as well as classics starting April 5th. Tickets go on sale Friday 2/17 with dates and details available here.

>> Get hyped for the tour by watching the band's latest raunchy video for "Poontang Boomerang" here!

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

From First To Last Release "Make War" with Sonny Moore

>> From First To Last just released a new song with former frontman Sonny Moore for the first time in a decade. Moore, who further made a name for himself as Skrillex after his time with the band, shared the song as a gift to fans on his birthday (January 15). Stream it below:

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Skrillex: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
*Download "Make War" on iTunes here

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kasador Announce 2017 Tour Dates

Photo credit: Taylor Simon Photography

>> Having released their charming self-titled EP in 2016, indie rock band Kasador have announced a tour slated for early next year. The Ontario natives will be performing throughout Canada and the United States starting on January 12th, and I highly recommend catching at least one of these shows. See the full list of dates and watch the group's video for the groovy "Talk About It" below!

Kasador 2017 Tour Dates:
Jan 12 – Ottawa, ON – LIVE on Elgin
Jan 13 – Hamilton, ON – Stonewalls Restaurant Hamilton
Jan 14 – Waterloo, ON – Maxwell's Concerts & Events
Jan 19 – Buffalo, NY – Tralf Music Hall
Jan 20 – Watertown, NY – The Flashback Lounge
Jan 21 – Burlington, VT – Radio Bean
Jan 22 – Brooklyn, NY – Gold Sounds
Jan 26 – Kingston, ON – The Brooklyn
Jan 27 – Toronto, ON – Adelaide Hall
Jan 28 – Burlington, ON – The Dickens
Feb 02 – Brooklyn, NY – The Well
Feb 03 – New York, NY – PIANOS
Feb 04 - Philadelphia, PA – The Fire
Feb 09 – Guelph, ON – Jimmy Jazz

>> For the month of December, you can download Kasador's self-titled project for free. Snag the tunes at

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Acceptance Release New Song, Announce Album for 2017

>> After releasing their major label debut, titled PhantomsAcceptance won the hearts of music fans in 2005 only to disband in 2006. Both the band and the album developed a cult like following in the years after, with each fan hoping for news from the artist. Fortunately, that news is finally here: Acceptance is back and proud to announce that their new album, titled Colliding By Design, will be released on February 24, 2016 via Rise Records. The band found the perfect balance between capturing what listeners loved about Phantoms while exploring new influences, and you can hear that in their first single from the project - "Diagram Of A Simple Man."

>> “This process has been really fun,” said vocalist Jason Vena. “I like the idea of continuing to make music and release it in various ways. We’re so grateful to have a second chance at this and I think you can hear that in the music.” Fans can pre-order physical copies of the album here as well as digital copies through iTunes here. The album artwork and track listing can be seen below:

Colliding By Design track list:
01. Diagram of a Simple Man
02. Colliding by Design
03. We Can Escape
04. Come Closer
05. Goodbye
06. 73
07. Fire and Rain
08. Sunset
09. Haunted
10. When I Was Cursed
11. Golden

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Rare Futures Head West with Hearts Like Lions, RUMRS

Photo Credit: Nick Karp Photography

>> Having released a long-awaited album earlier this year, Rare Futures are looking to end 2016 on a high note. The indie rock band will be performing songs from This Is Your Brain On Love in addition to other jams on a tour of the West Coast starting December 11th. On this run, Rare Futures will be traveling alongside Hearts Like Lions and RUMRS for a set of shows you won’t want to miss. See the full list of dates below!

Rare Futures Westworld Tour:
12/11 - West Hollywood, CA @ The Viper Room*
12/12 - San Diego, CA @ The Hideout*
12/14 - Phoenix, AZ @ The Rebel Lounge*
12/15 - Flagstaff, AZ @ The Green Room*
12/16 - Las Vegas, NV @ Eagle Aerie Hall
12/17 - Fullerton, CA @ Slidebar*
12/18 - San Francisco, CA @ Neck Of The Woods*
*with RUMRS

>> This Is Your Brain On Love is now available digitally on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify as well as incredibly detailed vinyl via Intheclouds Records.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Icon For Hire: Do or DIY

>> With the days of mega-rockstars behind us, dipping your toes into the icy waters of the music business is a more frightening prospect than ever before. So imagine the courage it takes, then, to not only take on the industry unaided by a record label, but to leave your label and lose everything in the process. Icon For Hire lost everything leaving their label, including ownership of their first two albums. But even in the face of bankruptcy, addiction, and losing band members, Icon For Hire’s dedication to authenticity in their creative expression never wavered, and their faith paid off tremendously.

>> Aided by their fans (the Icon Army), Icon For Hire became their own label, and lost the shackles that had been holding them back from complete musical sincerity. A band that has always been dedicated to honesty, Icon For Hire could now push the boundaries of expression even further.

>> Though the path following their newfound independence was treacherous, they have said “the pros have far outweighed the cons so far. We adore having full creative control, and it’s a magical feeling to be in the driver’s seat of our own careers. Honestly, we have not experienced many cons so far, except for any fears that were present in the beginning, like, "Can we really do this?” In the end, we had been doing almost everything ourselves anyway, so not having a label wasn't a big adjustment.”

Photo Credit: Emily Beckerbelieveit

>> Now that the band has full control over the album making process, they’ve described their changing relationship with music, saying “We’ve certainly felt more freedom and joy throughout the creation process, which has been coming out in the actual songs. It’s been very empowering to not have to answer to anyone, or worry about impressing the right people at a label so they’ll promote us or something. We only feel responsible for our fans, for creating music that they resonate with. It’s much more fun.”

>> A crowdsourcing campaign that gave fans unprecedented access to the creative process of producing an album (perks ranged from providing backing vocals to appearing in music videos), paired with lead singer Ariel’s weekly videos on self-love and living an authentic life, strengthened the bond between artist and fan. This bond has culminated in the band’s most emotionally raw album yet, and a recently concluded tour they have cited as their most successful to date, noting “we’re playing to the biggest crowds we’ve had on a headlining tour, and everyone is singing every single word. The fans know our story and all that we’ve overcome, so this tour feels like a celebration of everybody's collective victories-personally and as a band.”

>> We live in uncertain times, constantly wary of insincerity, but in the arms of Icon For Hire, there is never a question that what you’re receiving is the unfiltered, hard-earned truth.

Photo Credit: Emily Beckerbelieveit
- Written by Emily Becker

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Live Review: Of Mice & Men, Young Guns @ Gramercy Theatre

Young Guns

Of Mice & Men and Young Guns at Gramercy Theatre on September 16th, 2016

>> It’s a tall order to open for a pillar of the scene at their album release show. It’s an even taller order if you’re not a New York darling and instead hopped across an ocean from London. But in a scene not known for an easy in—I witnessed a girl in line livid about someone “wearing a Three Days Grace shirt at an Of Mice & Men show”—Young Guns were received with open arms and clapping hands. They managed to stitch up the space between uplifting radio jam and throw down rock song and win over everyone in the crowd, from the boy in the Lady Gaga jean jacket to the heavy metal kids with plugs the size of quarters in their earlobes. Young Guns stunned with their authenticity and vivacity, and easily could have stood on their own as a headlining act.

Young Guns

>> As for Of Mice & Men, there were, as always, the outcries of selling out on Facebook and the complaints of going soft on Twitter. But that didn’t stop the band from winning every heart in the room. This is a band that knows how to tap into and fully harness the complete spectrum of human emotion and uses that power for good. Even the parents in the back had a hard time keeping their feet on the ground. If you’ve written off Cold World without hearing it through, I implore you to sit and listen to the album just once—it’s a record made with love and honesty and it deserves to be listened to with open ears and open hearts.

Of Mice & Men
Young Guns
Young Guns
Young Guns

Young Guns
Young Guns

- Words and photos by Emily Becker

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