Saturday, June 27, 2009

Video Killed The Radio Star: Table 21 LIVE


...I actually got there late and missed the entire thing :\ BUT I still got to chill with the band for a bit after. PS, they're reeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyy awesome, and so is their CD. Now that I have the whole thing, I have more songs to get addicted to. Sick life. If you missed this show like I did, you can see Table 21 July 10th at the Vibe Lounge.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Album Review: "Table 21" by Table 21

So I've been obsessed for a while.. Can you really blame me?

>>I wrote about Table 21 in January, but I have more to say & write about this time :D I managed to get my hands on the "Super Secret VIP Version" of their self-titled album currently on iTunes. It only has the first 5 songs from that album because technically it was the pre-release version, but it contains my three current favorites from the band, so no complaints here <3 It starts off with "Party In My Pants!", and let me just say that if yer having a bad day, this song is a great pick-me up. It's just so upbeat, and even with lyrical refrences to drugs & beer, you can't help but smile. (That sounds weird, but somehow they made it work.. no worries.) "Inspiration" is next. This one's kind of 'more to the point', it's got a stronger sound to it. I'm pretty sure "Crash And Fall" is one of the cutest songs I've ever heard. It's genuine acoustic perfection, and I could listen to it for hours. "Showeys And Goeys" = LOVE. This was the first song I heard by them, and by far the most addicting. According to the band, this one is everyone's favorite, and I can see why. It's got everything you want in a song, and the chorus is killer. So upbeat, so great. "Freeway" makes me want to go on a road trip, like right now. Check the video of them performing it live below. Man I should've been there.. oh well.

^"Freeway" LIVE at The Crazy Donkey.. when I should've been there :\
(PS, that guy with the dreads is totally my new best friend. CLAP IT UPPP)

>>Another reason to love these guys? This is what they listed under "Sounds Like" on their MySpace page:
Our style of music is the kind that makes you want to get up off your feet and dance.... Our challenge is to save all those emo kids by bringing them happy music... our positive messages, clever lyrics, and upbeat songs will leave you enjoying life... We have amazing chill songs... if you want to know who we would sound like then imagine jack johnson mixed with Jason mraz plus some Dave matthews band... yeah its that amazing.

Come see Table 21 LIVE Friday, June 26th at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville!
BONUS VIDEO: "Summertime"

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What I'm Listening To #8

I just found another 6 of these.
I chose to put up this one because I'm pretty much in love with every band in it <3

Hm, maybe I should make one..
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Monday, June 15, 2009

What I'm Listening To #7

I just finished watching UP, probably the cutest movie ever made. In honor of seeing this movie, here's some adorable, happy music. Enjoy.

*PS, any advice as to how I should spend the money on my iTunes account?
Suggestions always welcome :D

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

What I'm Listening To #6

Bands, Songs, and an awesome iMix.
Look em up fer yourself on iTunes :D


>>Find any other great music on iTunes you think I should know about? Post them in the comments :]

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Monday, June 8, 2009

A Lot Can Happen In A Year [6/08/08-6/08/09]

>>That's right! Today is The Music Obsession's one year anniversary, and I'm going all out. We've got our first giveaway, a new playlist, and more that you'll come to notice.

>>Let's start out by announcing today's theme: Since the first thing I did on this site was write about the Honda Civic Tour of 2007, my first concert featuring Cobra Starship, Paul Wall, The Academy Is..., +44, and Fall Out Boy. I still remember that show like it was yesterday, it was amazing. I loved it so much that I actually kept the tour poster saved on my computer :D Check it outtttttt.

>>I'll add a photo album to the Facebook page with pictures from that show, although I think I have less than 10. It's still something, so naturally I'll upload em :]

>>The new playlist on this site includes music by these artists, including the stuff they performed at that concert, their older music, and the newer songs.

>>The best part: THE GIVEAWAYYYYYY [*Probably not as awesome as I'm trying to make it seem.. ah well.] I've decided to give away.... A 4GB iPod NANO :D It's not the brand new model, or 100% new at all. BUT it's in amazing condition and has been used twice at most, including when I added the 100 or so songs to it for whoever gets it :) Comment this post with your email address, or e-mail me at saying you're interested in winning the iPod shown below. I'll pick one randomly either at the end of this week, this weekend, or sometime around there. So good luck !

>> So let's hope I can manage to keep this going for not only one year, but many more
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Name Dropping 101 ; Part 20

>>Congrats to The Bay State for winning the Glamour Kills theme song contest! I just listened to their winning song, titled "Hey Hey Glamour Kills", and it seriously just made my day. You honestly can't help but bob your head & smile like an idiot.. Trust me, I know ;] Check out their song, on their MySpace now!

>>Jac Vanek has a new bracelet collaboration with Push Play, and it's pretty badass considering.. It's blue & glow in the dark with the word Dreamer on it. Is it understandable or somewhat pathetic that I seriously need this in my life?

>>Scott Ludwig: Honestly, thank you for adding me on MySpace. Like you seriously cheered me up a bit. Especially the song "Nowhere Close", it's so adorable. *PS, no sarcasm intended

>>Ever dreamed of singing in a band? Do you live near Westbury (Long Island, NY)? Do you feel like joining a few guys in making an awesome pop-punk band?! If you answered yes to any, but preferably all of these, you're in luck! This band called Seasons On End consists of high school kids with a love & talent for music. Their image is pretty rad, then again you can pretty much sign me up fer anything with V-Necks & skinny jeans. Interested? You've got a few options:
  • AIM = ALLtimeERIC
  • E-Mail =
  • Call = 516 448 6868
Just make sure to mention that you got the information & such from this site so the guys know what's going on :D

>>Party In Your Bedroom (ACOUSTIC) - Cash Cash
>>This Providence posted a video for their new single, "Letdown"!


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