Friday, April 29, 2011

News from Giants At Large

>> Giants At Large have announced a couple of things recently. Travis McGee left the band, and the remaining members are in need of money to pay for a new van. On the bright side, Giants At Large will be releasing a split EP with Major League in the near future. You can read the band's full announcement below, or by clicking here.
If anyone has seen us on tour this past week, or has seen pictures from any of the shows you’ll notice that Travis hasn’t been there. That is because after our Long Island show on the 15th Travis quit the band. To make a long story short he just didn’t want to do it anymore, and I know I say this a lot, but being in a band at times can be tough. Believe it or not, it actually costs money to be in Giants At Large. So for now we’re playing just the 4 of us until we find the right person.
In other news, it’s looking like we’ll be needing a new van in the near future. Last night our van started making this terrible noise, lucky for us we were about 2 minutes from our friends house. We got it checked out this morning and they told us were gonna need a new engine, which is probably gonna be really expensive, and probably something we can’t afford. But were gonna get a second opinion and a price on it tomorrow morning, but it’s looking like were gonna have to junk the van, get whatever money we can for it, then use that to U-haul ourselves back home, again.. Kind of ironic how we wrote Atlantic Beach about this very similar situation we ran into in Florida, and we mentioned Newport News, Virginia in that song, and that’s where our van broke down last night. The only difference this time is that WE ARE NOT BREAKING UP.
Although all of this bad stuff has been happening to us, were going to finish writing our acoustic Ep then record it as soon as it’s done. Then we’re also planning on releasing a spilt Ep with Major League in the near future.
If you can, and don’t have our Ep The Best Has Yet To Come, please help us out and pick it up at or on I-tunes, any money we get will go into buying a new van.
I just want to thank all the incredible friends we have for the kind words and trying to help us get through all of this. We’ll figure something out.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tarcy Thomason and Joe Westbrook Leave Artist Vs. Poet

>> It was confirmed today that Tarcy Thomason and Joe Westbrook have decided to leave Artist Vs. Poet. The band has released both a video update and a written statement regarding their future. You can see both below, or by clicking here.

To all of our friends and family,
We would like to inform you that Tarcy Thomason and Joe Westbrook have decided to leave Artist Vs Poet. Tarcy has a wife and son which he would like to be closer with and for that reason he has decided to no longer be a part of the band and Joe Westbrook has decided to pursue college and a career in film.
Artist Vs Poet is NOT BREAKING UP
The band will be continued on by Joe Kirkland, myself (Jason Dean), and Dylan Stevens. Joe will now be playing guitar and also singing lead vocals, Jason will still be playing bass guitar and failing as usual, and we are now welcoming our newest member Dylan as guitarist and singer.
Joe K and I realize that the departure of Tarcy and Joe W may come as a shock to some of you and let us assure you it was a shock to us. These were two events that were completely out of our control. We began to look back on all the years and all the support and love we have received from every single one of you and we decided that we were in no way done with Artist Vs Poet.
We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past and we could not say THANK YOU enough to everyone who continues to support us with this new line up.
New things to come soon!
Love you all,
Artist Vs Poet
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tour Dates: Such Gold + Living With Lions

>> Such Gold will be touring with Living With Lions this May. The full list of tour dates can be seen below.

05/08/11 – Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz – 5PM (*w/ Fireworks and Make Do And Mend)
05/09/11 – Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space – 6:30PM
05/10/11 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron – 8PM
05/11/11 – Revere, MA @ Wonderland Ballroom – 5PM
05/12/11 – Burlington, VT @ 242 Main – 7PM
05/13/11 – Scotia, NY @ Beukendaal Masonic Temple – 6:30PM
05/21/11 – Montreal, QC – Pouzza Fest @ Underworld
05/22/11 – Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks – 7PM
05/23/11 – Barrie, ON @ The Mansion Nightclub – 8PM
05/24/11 – St. Catherines, ON @ L3 Nightclub – 7PM
05/25/11 – Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee’s – 9PM
05/26/11 – London, ON @ London Music Hall Lounge – 8PM
05/27/11 – Windsor, ON @ Blind Dog – 5:30PM
05/28/11 – Howell, MI – Bled Fest @ Hartland PAC

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Tour Dates: The Illuminato[u]r featuring Underoath

>> Underoath will be hitting the road this summer on the Illuminato[u]r with Times Of Grace, Letlive., and Stray From The Path. View the tour dates below.

7/5/11 - Raleigh, NC (Lincoln Theatre)
7/6/11 - Allentown, PA (Crocodile Rock)
7/7/11 - Farmingdale, NY (Crazy Donkey Bar And Grill)
7/8/11 - Sayreville, NJ (Starland Ballroom)
7/10/11 - Hartford, CT (Webster Theater)
7/11/11 - Portland, ME (State Theatre)
7/12/11 - Clifton Park, NY (Northern Lights)
7/13/11 - Baltimore, MD (Sonar)
7/15/11 - Louisville, KY (Expo Five)
7/16/11 - Sauget, IL (Pops)
7/18/11 - Little Rock, AR (Riverfront Pavilion)
7/20/11 - Bloomington, IL (Castle Theater)
7/21/11 - Toledo, OH (Headliners)
7/22/11 - Syracuse, NY (Westcott Theater)
7/24/11 - South Burlington, VT (Higher Ground)
7/26/11 - Grand Rapids, MI (The Intersection)
7/27/11 - Milwaukee, WI (Eagles Club/The Rave/Eagles Ballroom)
7/28/11 - Cedar Falls, IA (Wheelhouse)
7/29/11 - Lawrence, KS (Granada)
7/30/11 - Omaha, NE (Sokol Auditorium)
8/1/11 - Colorado Springs, CO (The Black Sheep)
8/3/11 - San Antonio, TX (Backstage Live)
8/4/11 - Midland, TX (Rock The Desert)
8/5/11 - Whitehouse, TX (The Warehouse)
8/7/11 - New Orleans, LA (House Of Blues)
8/9/11 - Nashville, TN (Rocketown)
8/10/11 - Asheville, NC (The Orange Peel)
8/11/11 - Richmond, VA (The National)

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Monday, April 25, 2011

RIP The Scenic

>> It's official - The Scenic have broken up. Rumors started after a tweet from Cody Payne (The Dangerous Summer), but the split has now been confirmed through a statement on Jay Tagg's Tumblr. You can read the statement below, or by clicking here.
I’m posting this for Frank. It’s his statement for the ending of the Scenic. Facebook wouldn’t let me post it directly to the wall:
I’ve been dreading writing this for a few days now and honestly as i’m writing it, i’m feeling pretty upset and a little lost. I also dont want to write a generic goodbye that has been done a million times. There are a million people and bands i could list to say thank you to but all of you already know who you are. I’ve given 5 years of my life to this band and i’m not going to lie my heart is a little broken. I’m going to miss all of the great friends i have made across the country and most of all i’m going to miss playing music with my friends. It makes me sad thinking about all the wonderful people i could have met in the future. To the kids/fans i thank you from the bottom of my heart. I realized something in this band, the day of rockstars are over. You kids that come out to shows and support bands are just as important and equally as dedicated to music as the people on stage. Without you there is no music scene and i hope you all realize how important you really are. You are the real rockstars. Please, i’m begging for you to support honest genuine music. Music is about passion and expression (no matter the genre) dont get caught up in the bullshit of the industry. If you love a band, please go out and support them whether it is cool to like them or not. Find something that inspires you and and you are passionate about and go for it. That is what The scenic was all about for me. I am so grateful that I was able to do something i loved for 5 years. I owe all those great experiences to you. I love all of you and i’m going to miss you more than you will know.

-From a heart broken dreamer
Frank and the Scenic

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Ben Liebsch Speaks

>> It was announced last week that You, Me, and Everyone We Know had broken up. Frontman Ben Liebsch posted a statement today regarding the split. You can read that statement below, or by clicking here.

This is the first time i’ve had access to a computer since it was formally announced a few days ago that, for the second and possibly last time, there would be a mass exodus of members from You, Me, and Everyone We Know. Since then i’ve watched alot of people make alot of claims about what exactly happened with the band, my life, my past, and my personal character. I find myself in an interesting position here because by publicly acknowledging what happened, i make it more likely that i will be on the receiving end of a lawsuit from certain people i’ve disagreed with in the past. I am, however, compelled to once again overexpose myself in order to help clear my conscience, to give the people who made this band what it is/was some real answers, and to make it so nobody can invalidate the music this band has written over the course of its 5 year career. This will be a bit messy and long so please bare with me…
For almost 4 years I’ve used the band’s money to enable my drinking. At first, it was $5 or $10 dollars every few weeks when i was drunk and having a particularly bad night…and for a long time that was the extent of it. At that point, i was pretty much be able to sneak whatever i owed back into the money bag at some point and that’s how it went for some time. My drinking during this time, which had been much worse in my younger years, was subdued for a while by the fact that i had a girlfriend to answer to back at home in Maryland. In thinking about it, several things occured within a 3 month span in the late summer and fall of 2008 that allowed me to let this problem to once again grow beyond my control:

  1. I left my girlfriend, leaving me nobody to answer to.
  2. I was arrested on tour for public intoxication after blowing a .247, making it necessary to now hide my drinking.
  3. I opened a bank account for the band to hold money from digital sales.
I remember using the card a few times on our winter tour that year and feeling horrible about it. Here i was barely a month after i had cost the band nearly $800 in court costs and fines, and i was A. drinking heavily again and B. using the bank account to hide it. After removing Dan from the band in 2006, finances kind of fell in my lap. We were all heavy drinkers and accounting only made hangovers worse. Nobody else was tending to it, so i figured i might as well see to it those we COULD pay, got paid. Anyway, match all this with the shame accompanying my mom finding out about my arrest because of the court papers sent to her house (my current address at the time) and then me a few weeks later falling through her front door as she left for work after I drove her car home drunk at 6 AM and i found myself with two choices: stop drinking or hide it from everyone best i could. I chose the latter.
Now seeing as how the band has only made $31,000 as an independent artist on i-tunes the actual amount taken/spent/stolen is far less than what i’ve read on the internet but presenting my thoughts about how much i think was spent based on excluding the periods of time in 2009 that i was under the impression i was the only member left in the band and my time living in portland/being responsible for rent and utilities there while on the road versus how much the guys feel i took would cheapen my effort to come clean and apologize. Fact is, i made choices that allowed things to get out of control over the last two years. I did everything i could to hide my drinking. I would drink my money away and If i spent all the money i had from working or money given to me by my mother to help me out on enabling my problem, i would use the band’s to make it appear as though i had not. If nobody had to ask where that money went then i wouldn’t have to admit my problem to anybody. This portion of my spending is what I think the band and myself have had the hardest time understanding and accepting. I was too ashamed and embarrassed to come clean about everything and i was still in denial about not having control. I was making an effort to pay back what i spent, but those efforts were futile at best. I spent more than i could cover and spending any at all was wrong.

Now let’s fast forward to the end of my drinking, the band confronting me about the spending, and my horrible handling of the entire situation which i feel lead to the band breaking up and the guys’ current general opinion of me. My last night of drinking of drinking wasn’t particularly crazy from what i remember, other than a new low of throwing up all over the bed in the back of the van. I just woke up realizing i needed to stop for a while. At this point i was still bargaining with myself, saying i’d stop for a month and start having a drink or two here or there (basically what ive said to myself everytime i tried to quit for nearly ten years). Three days after that, the guys brought me into the van in Salt Lake City and confronted me with bank statements and a lot of questions. I panicked and I lied. I angled the truth and told small pieces of it in an effort to avoid facing everything. The guys were all pissed and we had a nice 9 hour overnight drive to Denver in which to stew. I even went through the statements contesting various expenses and at some point i asked for my wallet “and my dignity” back after they used the atm card to fill up the gas tank. I tried again the next day to convince them that it wasn’t what they thought it was, but it was obvious to me they weren’t buying it. After we loaded in, i had to move the van and i ended up driving around looking for parking for what must have been close to an hour. I thought about the last few years and everything i had done in an effort to hide my drinking and it was then i came to see and accept my mentality and actions reflected those of an addict. I found a parking spot, walked back to the venue, and proceeded to admit the truth to everyone. After that i think the shock and anger from the reality of the situation kept everyone from speaking to me beyond what was necessary. Two days later, we dropped off the glamour kills tour and went back to chicago.
I sat for a week or so going over everything in my head and after talking to people that have known me for a few years, i started to see that this isn’t just a drinking problem but a symptom of other deeper issues that i am seeking professional help for now. I spoke with everyone on the phone and tried to apologize and explain all of this, but i think all the lying and angling i did to avoid facing this made it impossible for the guys to view my words as sincere and honest, which is entirely understandable. It seems, for now at least, the damage i’ve done is irreparable.
I apologized for letting everyone down in the statement we released last week and thats probably the best i can put that apology, but its worth repeating that i truly am sorry for everything. Also, just so we’re clear: I’ve never done drugs and I’ve never lied about my life experiences and struggles in song or otherwise. I’ve seen several people question this or outright accuse me of lying, but joking or lying about THAT would be too low even for me. Hopefully this clears up any rumors or questions anyone may have about exactly what happened and why. I can only hope that whoever reads this takes this message as an honest and sincere one, and i hope someday my former bandmates can take it as such as well. Thank you for your time.
-Ben Liebsch

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tour Dates: NGHBRS + Gabriel The Marine

>> NGHBRS will be embarking on their first tour this summer with Gabriel The Marine. More dates will be announced soon.

>> In order to fund this tour, NGHBRS launched a project through Kickstarter. Thanks to donations from dedicated fans, the band's project was successful! Now the band can head out on their first tour. This just goes to show that the fans really do make all the difference.

Message from NGHBRS:
We are going on our FIRST TOUR EVER this summer with our friends Gabriel the Marine! We will post more info on the tour shortly, but you can check our Tour Dates tab for the scheduled dates. We are so stoked! This is the just the beginning!!!!
6/10/11 @ Hangar 84 - Vineland, NJ
6/11/11 @ The Trocadero Balcony - Philadelphia, PA
6/12/11 @ Smiling Moose - Pittsburgh, PA
6/13/11 @ MXTP - Grand Rapids, MI
6/14/11 @ High Octane - Detroit, MI
6/16/11 @ The Warehouse - East Ridge, TN
6/17/11 @ The Brewery - Raleigh, NC
6/20/11 @ Ottobar - Baltimore, MD
6/21/11 @ The Archway Center - Altoona, PA
6/22/11 @ Eleanor Rigby's - Jermyn, PA
6/23/11 @ Bowery Electric - New York, NY
6/24/11 @ Loft @ The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY
6/25/11 @ The Space - Hamden, CT

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Video Killed The Radio Star - 4/22/11

>> Taking Back Sunday recently premiered their new video for "El Paso" through Alternative Press.

>> Jacob Vanags posted a video for his new song, which he describes as his "..inner Eric Hutchinson... with (way too much) Sara Bareilles Pop. But its fun, so whatever." You can view the video below, and the lyrics by clicking here.

>> Westland have released their video for "I'll Pray For You."

>> Further Seems Forever recently played a new song called "Wait For The Engines To Cool" live on their reunion tour.

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New Album from The Swellers

>> The Swellers will release their new album, Good For Me, on June 14 through Fueled By Ramen. Check out the cover art and tracklisting below, and pre-order the album here. Also, click here to listen to "The Best I Ever Had," a song from the upcoming album, through Alternative Press.

Track listing:
  1. Runaways
  2. Inside My Head
  3. The Damage
  4. Parkview
  5. The Best I Ever Had
  6. Better Things
  7. On The Line
  8. Nothing More To Me
  9. Prime Meridian
  10. Warming Up

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Bayside In-Store CD Signings

>> Bayside will be doing in-store CD signings throughout the Take Action Tour. See below for all of the band's in-store dates and go to for more information.

In-Store Dates:
4/23/11: Philadelphia, PA - F.Y.E In Store - 4:30PM-5:30PM
4/25/11: Baltimore, MD - F.Y.E In Store - 4:30PM-5:30PM
4/26/11: Raleigh, NC - F.Y.E In Store - 4:30PM-5:30PM
5/14/11: Sacramento, CA - Dimple Records - 4PM-5PM
5/15/11: Portland, OR - Music Millennium - 4PM-5PM
5/16/11: Seattle, WA - Silver Platters - 4:30PM-5:30PM
5/20/11: Omaha, NE - Homers Independent - 4:30PM-5:30PM
5/21/11: Des Moines, IA - F.Y.E In Store - 4:30PM-5:30PM
5/22/11: Chicago, IL - F.Y.E In Store - 4:30PM-5:30PM
5/27/11: Buffalo, NY - F.Y.E In Store - 4:30PM-5:30PM

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New Album Info + Tour Dates from Twin Atlantic

>> Glasgow’s Twin Atlantic will release their upcoming album, Free, digitally on May 3rd in the U.S. through Red Bull Records. The album artwork can be seen below.

>> In describing the new batch of songs, frontman Sam McTrusty explains, “We wanted there to be a brutal honesty in the lyrics. There are love songs and relationship songs, there are some with a party vibe, and there are some that are weird, heavy and grungy pop songs.” Guitarist Barry McKenna adds, “Personally the only thing I wanted to achieve from this whole process is an album the four of us could stand by and invest ourselves in. We have done that.”

>> The title track and current single “Free” has already been garnering impressive spins on BBC Radio 1, and its companion video can be viewed below.

>> Twin Atlantic are preparing to head out on a headline tour of the UK/Europe starting April 27 in Belfast (see dates below). Summer festival dates throughout the UK and Europe are lining up now, and the band is expected to be back in the U.S. for a tour this fall.

Upcoming Twin Atlantic Tour Dates:
4/27/11 - Belfast, UK @ Speakeasy Bar
4/28/11 - Dublin, Ireland @ Academy 2
4/30/11 - Aberdeen, SCT @ Lemon Tree
5/1/11 - Inverness, UK @ Ironworks
5/3/11 - Newcastle, UK @ Academy 2
5/5/11 - Manchester, UK @ Academy 3
5/6/11 - Glasgow, UK @ Barrowlands
5/7/11 - Leeds, UK @ Cockpit
5/8/11 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
5/10/11 - Birmingham, UK @ Academy 3
5/11/11 - Bristol, UK @ Fleece
5/12/11 - Southampton, UK @ Joiners
5/13/11 - London, UK @ Kings College
5/16/11 - Tilburg, NL @ 013
5/17/11 - Cologne, DE @ Blue Shell
5/18/11 - Hamburg, DE @ Molotow
5/21/11 - Stuttgart, DE @ Zwoelfzehn
5/22/11 - Berlin, DE @ Comet Club
5/23/11 - Munich, DE @ 59:1
5/24/11 - Prateeln, SUI @ Gallery Music Club
5/26/11 - Vienna, Austria @ Vienna Arena
5/31/11 - Frankfurt, DE @ Das Bett
6/3/11 - Copenhagen, DK @ KB18
6/4/11 - Hasselholm, SE @ Siesta Festival
6/5/11 - Oslo, NO @ John Dee

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Tour Dates: Forever The Sickest Kids + Anarbor

>> Forever The Sickest Kids announced that they will be touring with Anarbor from May 27th through June 12th, 2011. No other supporting acts have been confirmed yet. Click here to see the dates.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RIP You, Me, and Everyone We Know

>> You, Me, And Everyone We Know announced they will be breaking up in light of the band's recent tour cancellation. The band's final release will be Things Are Really Weird Right Now, which is available for pre-order through Topshelf Records. You can also stream the new song "Sad Bastard Music" by clicking here.

>> You can read statements from the band regarding the split below.
Hello friends,
So it's been a while and some things have happened lately that have left some of you guys speculating as to what's going on with us. Well, let me just cut right to the chase: We (Rico, Augie, Mike, John, and Kyle) have made the tough decision to leave You, Me, And Everyone We Know. The reason for this, without getting into specifics, is that it recently came to light that Ben had made some decisions that directly affected us as people and to the band as an entity throughout it's existence, and we just felt these issues coming to light were irreparable for us, making it a situation where we couldn't imagine getting back in the van or writing a song with him. This decision, and I assure you it was not an easy one to make, unfortunately had to be made in haste, as is the nature of our business and more specifically our situation at the time. As most of you know, we had immediate touring plans with other amazing bands and we just couldn't wait any longer on making this eventual decision. This was done out of respect for these bands, promoters, and to you our fans. The most saddening part in all of this is thinking about the fans and also the people (fans still included) who worked so hard to get us where we were and put so much faith in us. We had a great team and great fans and it pains us to think that this might reflect poorly on any us as individuals or professionals, but it was just something that we had to do for ourselves. Now, whether this means it's the end of the band or if Ben will continue on as You, Me, And Everyone We Know is still yet to be seen. If he does continue on, please don't stop listening. In fact, don't stop listening at all. We have a decently-sized catalogue of music that is very important to us, especially the latest DOGHOUSE RECORDS release "SOME THINGS DON'T WASH OUT" and one more on the way in our upcoming 7" / EP on TOPSHELF RECORDS, appropriately named "THINGS ARE REALLY WIERD RIGHT NOW". None of this means that we don't still love the songs we wrote for this band, that we didn't lovingly craft each and every one at the time, or that the essence of the songs is somehow tainted: it's not. That being said, here's the obligatory "you haven't heard the last of us" bit. We all love music and fully plan and staying in it. So we'll be around, writing, putting out music, touring, etc., we'll still be here.It's been a hell of a ride, and as sad as it is to say goodbye for now (and as much as I hate to put another cliche in here), here's to new beginnings. Your support has meant more to us than you'll ever know! See ya real soon!
-Rico, Augie, Mike, John, and Kyle

I'm very sorry to everyone i've let down with my actions that led to this news. I respect the guys decision to move on, I can't blame them really, and I do wish them the best with all of their future endeavors. As far the band as an entity is concerned, well im not too sure. Im hoping that with some time and effort, these wounds may heal and we may one day play some shows with (at the very least) some of this lineup. I don't know how I feel about continuing on at this point under this name otherwise (it's pretty banged up at this point). I suppose only time will tell. For now, im going to focus on staying sober and getting some help fixing the parts of me that make such bad decisions. Thank you all for your time and patience. I hope to see you all again someday soon.Thank you for everything!
- Ben

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Monday, April 18, 2011

New Album Info + Tour Dates from Kissing Cousins

>> The new EP from Kissing Cousins, titled Unfortunate End, will be released May 17, 2011 through Velvet Blue Music. You can download the track 'You Bring Me Down' from the new EP for free through Baeble Music. You can view the artwork for Unfortunate End below.

>> The Los Angeles based band will be touring the west coast in June and then the mid-west in late Summer. Their new video will be released in late May as well. View the band's tour dates below.

05/15/11 - Los Angeles, CA @ Origami Vinyl 6pm FREE
06/02/11 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/ Tape Deck Mountain
06/04/11 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Pride Festival
06/05/11 - San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw w/ Winter's Fall / Mike of Birds & Batteries
06/07/11 - Portland, OR @ TBA
06/08/11 - Seattle, WA @ Comet Tavern
06/09/11 - Vancouver, BC @ TBA
06/10/11 - Bellevue, WA @ Ground Zero
06/17/11 - San Diego, CA @ TBA
06/19/11 - Long Beach, CA @ Alex's Bar

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Endoxi Take Over California

>> Endoxi will be playing a string of shows this month in California.
Friends in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we're breaking our backs to live out our dream! If you're in the Bay Area, or have friends in the Bay from 4/16 - 4/23, I'd love for you to come see us, or maybe have a bagel together! PLUS, We'll be giving away "NEW BLOOD OLD SOUL" Digital Downloads at every show!
Endoxi Loves You -
Chris Wilson & Joe Cardillo

4/16/11 - San Francisco (acoustic) @ BRAINWASH CAFE - (ALL AGES & FREE)

4/20/11 - Sacramento @ LUIGI'S FUN GARDEN - (ALL AGES | $5)

4/21/11 - San Jose @ ART BOUTIKI - (ALL AGES | $10)

4/22/11 - San Francisco @ UNION ROOM - (ALL AGES | $10)

4/23/11 - Fairfax @ 19 BROADWAY - (21+ | $10)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Video Killed The Radio Star - 4/12/11

>> For The Foxes released a brand new acoustic video for their song 'Hold Your Breath,' which can be seen below.

>> This Century recently released a video for their new song "Sound Of Fire" through Alternative Press. The song will be the title track of the band's upcoming album, to be released April 19th through Action Theory Records.

>> Manchester Orchestra's new music video for 'Simple Math' can be seen below.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Pre-Order All Time Low's New Album Through Glamour Kills

>> All Time Low have teamed up with Glamour Kills for their upcoming album, Dirty Work. This is All Time Low’s fourth studio album and their major label debut.

>> The pre-order is available in 6 different packages, featuring 4 different tees, a polo, and a hoodie. Each package is also available with the deluxe edition of the “Dirty Work” album. The album drops June 7th and all orders will be shipped to arrive on the date of the release. Every order will also receive a download link containing a special mashup of the album a month before it’s official release!

Get Connected:
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The Wonder Years To Release New Album in June

>> The Wonder Years will release their upcoming album, Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing on June 14, 2011 through Hopeless Records.
“Making this record was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences we've had as a band,” explains frontman, Dan “Soupy” Campbell. “From putting it together in a cold, dirty basement in the Philadelphia suburbs to getting into the studio with Steve Evetts who is a legend in our eyes, we've poured every ounce of ourselves into this and we couldn't be more excited to share it with everyone.”
>> You can listen to a new track entitled "Local Man Ruins Everything" and read the band's latest interview at You can see the track listing and artwork for the band's upcoming album at the bottom of this post.

>> The Wonder Years are performing on the entire Vans Warped Tour, which runs June 24-August 14th. The band’s Manscout Jamboree tour with supporting acts Make Do and Mend and Living with Lions kicked off last weekend and runs through May 7 (see full list of dates here).

Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing Track Listing:
  1. Came Out Swinging
  2. Woke Up Older
  3. Local Man Ruins Everything
  4. Suburbia
  5. My Life as a Pigeon
  6. Summers in PA
  7. I Won't Say the Lord's Prayer
  8. Coffee Eyes
  9. I've Given You All
  10. Don't Let Me Cave In
  11. You Made Me Want to be a Saint
  12. Hoodie Weather
  13. And Now I'm Nothing
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video Killed The Radio Star - 4/7/11

>> The new music video for the song "This Is War" by 30 Seconds To Mars can be seen below. You can also see the band's video for "Hurricane" by clicking here.

>> VersaEmerge have released a new video for their song "Figure It Out."

>> Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (D.R.U.G.S.) recently put their video for "Sex Life" on YouTube. View it below.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Main Stage Bands Announced for Vans Warped Tour

>> It has been announced that A Day to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, 3OH!3, Gym Class Heroes, Against Me!, August Burns Red and Attack Attack! are playing the Teggart main stage at this year's Vans Warped Tour. They'll be joining previously announced Teggart main stage bands Pepper, Less Than Jake, Jack's Manequin, and D.R.U.G.S.

2011 Teggart Main Stage Bands:
>> Paramore will also be performing on select dates of this year's Warped Tour. The band will be playing July 14 through July 20, as well as August 9 in San Diego.

>> Click here to see the full line-up for the 2011 Vans Warped Tour .
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Tour Dates: Saves The Day + The Get Up Kids

>> Saves The Day are hitting the road this June with The Get Up Kids! They will be playing a 10-date co-headlining tour of the Midwest and Northeast that beginning June 2 in Palatine, Illinois, and continues through June 12 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Pre-Sale tickets can be purchased here. Regular onsale will begin April 7th at noon local time.
See below for a full list of dates.

June 2, 2011 @ Durty Nellies - Palatine, IL
June 3, 2011 @ The Loft - Lansing, MI
June 4, 2011 @ Headliners - Toledo, OH
June 5, 2011 @ Mr. Small's Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA
June 7, 2011 @ Northern Lights - Clifton Park, NY
June 8, 2011 @ The Crazy Donkey - Farmingdale, NY
June 9, 2011 @ Toads Place - New Haven, CT
June 10, 2011 @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel - Providence, RI
June 11, 2011 :: Starland Ballroom - Sayerville, NJ
June 12, 2011 @ Crocodile Rock Cafe - Allentown, PA

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Today is A Good Day For A Show

>> Today is quite a busy day here on Long Island. There are 5 killer shows going on at all different times. I suggest you do your best to get to at least one before the day is done.

>> Rock Out Autism, a nationally recognized non-profit foundation, is hosting their third annual benefit concert today at the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale. The foundation focuses on raising funds to promote awareness, acceptance, and support of individuals with Autism through mentoring and new program development.
>Doors for the show opened at 1pm, but the first band, The Cowboy Presidents, starts at 2. Other bands performing at Rock Out Autism 3 include One Love, Con The Villain, Paging Grace, and more. Go enjoy some good music and support a great cause!

>> In the mood to support another good cause? Starting at 6pm, A Fight For Hope Benefit Show will take place at Ethical Humanist Society in Garden City. This show is being held on behalf of one of the founder's two cousins who are fighting an extremely rare disease called Cockayne Syndrome. "With this disease, every year that they get older, their insides age 10 years. They suffer from tremors, cataracts, have trouble speaking and walking at times and other issues that they should not have to be facing."
> This show will feature performances from my friend Christopher John as well as Under Spinning Lights, Almost A Memory, Dress2Impress, and more. Doors open at 6:15, and the first band begins at 6:25pm.

>> For those of you who like indie/rock music, and are over the age of 16, Atlantic/Pacific is playing at the Vibe Lounge tonight with Hotel of the Laughing Tree, Tiger Riot, and more. Doors open at 6 pm. Don't forget to bring ID!

>> The Break Contest has been going on since 11:30am this morning, but there's still time to head over to the Crazy Donkey and support your favorite local bands! The winning band of this contest will go on to perform at The Bamboozle Festival in East Rutherford, NJ.

>> Last but not least, Ballyhoo will be performing at Ollie's Point in Amityville tonight at 8pm. Other acts include Hazmat Bay, All Out Riot, and Outshine. This is a show for people over the age of 16, so make sure to bring your ID.
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Tour Dates: Punchline with I Call Fives + Bright and Early

>> Punchline are touring with I Call Fives and Bright And Early April 15-23rd! This is the band’s first time in the northeast in support of their latest album, Delightfully Pleased. All dates can be seen below. Visit for more information.

04/15/2011 - Jermyn, PA @ Eleanor Rigby’s - RSVP
04/16/2011 - Cambridge, MA @ Middle East (Upstairs/Matinee) - RSVP
04/17/2011 - Providence, RI @ Firehouse 13 - RSVP
04/18/2011 - Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Theatre - RSVP
04/19/2011 - Rockville Centre, NY @ Vibe Lounge - RSVP
04/20/2011 - Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock Cafe - RSVP
04/21/2011 - Binghamton, NY @ American Legion Post 1254 - RSVP
04/22/2011 - Harrisburg, PA @ the Abbey Bar - RSVP
04/23/2011 - Blackwood, NJ @ the Test Tube - RSVP

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