Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Album Review: 'That's The Spirit' by Bring Me the Horizon

>> When Sempiternal leaked back in 2013, fans of Bring Me the Horizon were met with abrupt changes to the band's overall sound. Although it was a departure from the band's original sound of chugging guitars, guttural grows, and shrieking screams, Sempiternal still kept a sense of heaviness throughout most of the album. To be honest, it was my favorite BMTH album to date, and many others would agree.

>> Fast forward to September of 2015 where BMTH fans were met with a new album, That's The Spirit, which would take the band in all different directions musically, except metalcore. I'm sure there are many disgruntled fans who wished lead vocalist Oli Sykes would growl at least once on this album, but for a majority of listeners, the new sound is welcomed with open ears. In fact, That's The Spirit was so welcomed that it hit number 2 on the Billboard Top 200!

>> That's The Spirit opens up with a song called 'Doomed,' a depressing, atmospheric song that introduces the theme of the album, which Sykes has described as a celebration of depression. It reminds me of 'Can You Feel My Heart,' the beginning track off of Sempiternal, which introduced a new sound right off the batThis song is nothing if not depressing in the lyrics, but a beautiful song none the less. The chorus really shines, especially when Sykes hits the high note when he sings "I think we're doomed," which contrasts the entire feel of the song very well. You can listen to this song below. 

>> "Throne" was met with enthusiasm because it may be the one song that reminds me of BMTH's sound off of Sempiternal. There is a taste of metalcore throughout the song, with it's mix of cleans and a minimal amount of screams, the incorporation of keys, and it's faster pace. This song kept me banging my head every time it came up in the queue. You can check out the music video put out for 'Throne' below. *Editor's note: This song is also worth hearing because it's ever so similar to Linkin Park's "Faint" and that song is a JAM. God bless who ever attempted this mash-up.

>> Another excellent song was the first song the band released for this album back in October 2014, titled "Drown." It is another song that tackles the topic of depression. The sound has no connection to the old BMTH (much like this entire album), and it was an interesting to choice to promote the new album that they would release a year later. It was a bold move to show that the band was completely stepping away from their metalcore sound, and I don't think I could have picked a better single. You can watch last year's music video for song below. Spoiler alert: it features the band performing at an old variety show in front of mentally unstable people and the set is plagued with werewolves and exorcisms.

>> This album falls short with the track "Happy Song," even with the understanding that the band was going for irony with this one.  It's the band's attempt to sound like a radio rock band, making it a basic rock song you would hear on any of today's top rock stations. The gimmick-y cheering section in which you hear what seems to be a cheerleading squad chant out the word "Spirit," just makes me enjoy the song even less. Sykes states in the song that when we're depressed many people believe that singing a happy song will change their mood. He feels that simply doing that is just a quick fix and doesn't remove the root of the depression. The meaning in the song is all well and good, but it won't stop me from hitting skip when this song comes up.

>> That's The Spirit is a contender for album of the year. Although it is great departure from Bring Me The Horizon's original sound, it was a change that was welcomed with open arms by many fans, both old and new. You won't find it hard to enjoy the entire album all the way through (unless you're me and do not enjoy 'Happy Song'). That song aside, every other track has something that will pull you in and make you want to listen over and over again. If you haven't listened to That's The Spirit yet, what are you waiting for?

- Zach Zima

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

EP Review: 'When It All Goes To Hell' by The Press War

>> The Press War released a new EP, titled 'When It All Goes To Hell,' on September 11th, 2015. The pop-rock band originated in Boston, MA. They have been a part of many tours and have performed at many festivals including ICE 757 and Pinelands Music Festival. They’ve toured with many other bands including You, Me & Everyone We Know and The Spill Canvas. Through all of this, the group has grown and their sound has become more refined than ever.
"This album is a reflection of a really specific time in a my life where I was struggling to let go of someone that had lived in my consciousness for a great many years. I hope that if you're listening, you can identify with it, and that it helps give you a moment away from any stress or negativity in your life.
- Anthony Rainville, vocals / guitar 

 >> Their new EP is a combination of pop, rock, and alternative showing just how versatile this band can be. Starting on a relatively calm note, “Vaspertine” offers a soft opening that is different than what The Press War has produced before. The EP picks up the pace with a music video of “I’m So Bored With Us”  appropriately followed by “Follow Me” which continues with a quicker paced pop-rock tempo. “Lost Boys” highlights The Press War’s alternative rock side with a smoother yet equally enticing sound. The EP is wrapped up with “Kill Your (indie) Darlings” that is a clear compilation of their songs and most importantly their style.

>> As for what's next, Rainville states "After this EP, we're gonna be working hard on our next album, which we hope will be out a lot sooner than later!" For now, be sure to listen to 'When It All Goes To Hell' and stay tuned for more updates from The Press War!

- Written by Jody Seidel

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Rocket Summer Takes Over the West Coast This November

>> The Rocket Summer (Bryce Avary) is back with plans to cruise around the west coast this fall! Beginning November 3rd and ending November 20th, The Rocket Summer will be on the road for the Returning West Tour with support from TEAM*. To add to the exciting news of a 2015 tour, Bryce has a new full length coming out as well! To pre-order the new album and to check out some awesome packages go to: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/therocketsummer. The full list of dates for the Returning West Tour can be seen below.

>> In response to a question about East Coast dates, Bryce replied "Don't worry! It's all going to happen. We just couldn't make it all happen on this specific run. Can't wait to see you guys again. We'll eventually be wherever you are in the not too distant future!" So if you're a fan of the music but don't live on the West Coast, don't sweat it! There will be more dates announced sometime soon. For now, be sure to order a copy of Bryce's new album and stay tuned for more updates!

- Jody Seidel & Kate Russell

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Monday, September 14, 2015

The Academy Is... Announce 'Almost Here' 10 Year Tour

>> Starting this December, The Academy Is… will continue celebrating 10 years of Almost Here by touring across the country! With Almost Here being released in February 2005, it’s time to celebrate one of the band’s and fans’ favorite albums. The tour will begin in Orlando, Florida on December 5th and will take a trip across the US ending with their final show on December 30th in San Diego, California. The somewhat mysterious act Partybaby will provide support on the run, so it'll be exciting to see what those musicians have up their sleeves as well. Tickets go on sale to the public this Friday September 18th at 10am, and pre-sale VIP ticket packages are available at: bit.ly/theacademyisvip. The VIP package options offered are outlined below the list of tour dates and a message from the band:

After an incredible weekend at Riot Fest in Chicago, we are pleased to announce that we will be taking the show on the road! This December we will be continuing our "Almost Here" 10 year celebration with a tour of the USA! We are incredibly excited to see some familiar faces, as well as make some new friends while celebrating 10 years of this record that changed each of our lives forever. We can't wait to see you there!  
 -The Academy Is...

Almost Here 10 Year Tour Dates:
12/04 - Orlando, FL @ House of Blues
12/05 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
12/06 - Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
12/08 - Norfolk, VA @ Norva
12/09 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
12/10 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
12/12 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
12/13 - Boston, MA @ House of Blues
12/15 - New York, NY @ Best Buy Theater
12/17 - Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
12/18 - Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew's Hall
12/19 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
12/20 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
12/22 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
12/23 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
12/26 - Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
12/29 - San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom
12/30 - San Diego, CA @ The Observatory

>> VIP ticket packages are limited and include the following:
  • Ticket to the show 
  • Early venue entry 
  • Individual Polaroid with The Academy Is… 
  • Pre-show hang with the band 
  • Exclusive hand-made print by the Butcher 
  • Pre-signed and numbered "Almost Here" 10 Year Anniversary poster 
  • Exclusive The Academy Is... VIP cloth bracelets 
  • Super limited side stage and post-show bus hang add-on packages also available 

- Jody Seidel and Kate Russell

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The Academy Is...: Facebook | Twitter
Partybaby: Facebook | Twitter
Almost Here on iTunes

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Watch N3bula Travel Through Time in the Intergalactic "Deep Space" Video

>> Here's an out of this world video to kick start your weekend! N3bula, an incredibly talented Norwegian artist and producer, just released a music video for his song "Deep Space." In the clip, we see N3bula traveling through time and space in order to defeat the evil Zonar and his world destroying Death Vector - all in a spacesuit he made himself! Starting in 2309, N3bula must track down the chromosphere in order to travel back to 2015 - a time before Zonar's destruction becomes irreversible.  This is only part one of this intergalactic journey, and this cinematic video is sure to get you invested in N3bula's upcoming concept project.

>> Stay tuned to see what comes next for N3bula, peacekeeper of the galaxies!

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Friday, September 4, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: Young Beautiful In A Hurry Release "We're Giving It All"

>> Happy Friday, everyone! We at TMO are proud to exclusively unveil the brand new video for "We're Giving It All" by Young Beautiful in a Hurry! The single is full of what vocalist Brendan McCreary calls "unabashed optimism" and has a vibe that will get your holiday weekend started instantly. Watch the band tear the place down (and take an essential juice box break) with their unique level of theatrics below more info about the track. Overall, redecorating never looked more fun, and this is a band to keep an eye on.

I would like listeners to get a sense of inspiration for something they want to do...or an enhanced sense of pride about something they've accomplished. The song is really about working hard through the school of hard knocks, and coming out the other side triumphant. A lot of songs stay on one side of that fence or the other, with We're Giving it All I wanted to smash the fence and have everyone on either side have a party
- YBIAH's Brendan McCreary

"We're Giving It All" by Young Beautiful in a Hurry

>> What's next for the band, you ask? "My plans for the rest of the year and early 2016 are knock out a few more singles if not an EP of some bombastic-ultra-jams that have been bouncing around in my head for far too long," says McCreary. "I'm also the resident songwriter on SyFy Network's Defiance and will be polishing up the season 3 album. So there's plenty to do and lots of music to be made." Be sure to keep up with the band to see what they come up with next! 

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