Saturday, November 29, 2008

Get Hyped: Bamboozle 2009

Apparently, they think it's okay to announce the set lists, and who's playing on which date, a solid 5 days before the actual festival. [They're announcing that on APRIL 27.]
Reeeaaallyyy cool, Bamboozle staff. Real cool.
This is all I've got so far.
& it's copied straight from The Boozler on MySpace.

Saturday May 2nd:
Fall Out Boy

Sunday May 3rd:
No Doubt

Confirmed Without A Date:
-A Rocket To The Moon
-Ace Enders and a Million Different People
-All Time Low


-Bloodhound Gang
-Boys Like Girls
-Cobra Starship
-Danger Radio
-Enter Shikari
-Face To Face
-Forever the Sickest Kids
-Hyper Crush
-Mac Lethal
-Mercy Mercedes
-Never Shout Never
-New Found Glory

-Parkway Drive
-Scotty Don't
-The Cab
-The Get Up Kids
-We The Kings

-Daphne Loves Derby
-Envy On The Coast
-Good Charlotte

y Monday
-Hoodwink bands (All should be playing Bamboozle as well)
-My Chemical Romance
-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

-Rise Against

-The Bravery
-The Sleeping
-The Ting Tings
-Third Eye Blind

NOT Coming:
-Alien Ant Farm
-Armor For Sleep :[
-As I Lay Dying
-Avenged Sevenfold :[
-Blink 182 :[
-Boys II Men
-Brand New :[
-Bullet For My Valentine
-Escape The Fate
-Gaslight Anthem
-I Am The Avalanche
-Katy Perry
-Linkin Park :[
-Mindless Self Indulgence
-Papa Roach :[

So, unfortunately, this is all they're telling us.
I'm going to go cry in the corner now;
At least until April FREAKIN 27th.
Because that makes so much sense.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Video Killed The Radio Star: #1

.. like right now.

  1. "I Don't Care" - Fall Out Boy
  2. "Decode" - Paramore
  3. "Gives You Hell" - The All-American Rejects
  4. "Everything I Ask For" - The Maine [below]
  5. "Poppin' Champagne" - All Time Low
Go for it.

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Name Dropping 101 ; Hey Monday

>>I listed three songs by Hey Monday on that playlist from a few days ago, but I never actually said anything other than how I'm SEEING THEM LIVE ON DECEMBER 18! .. and clearly, I can't wait. The band has the songs "Homecoming" [their most popular as of now; the video is at the bottom of the post], "How You Love Me Now", "Candles", & "Run, Don't Walk" on their MySpace. Personally, my favorite songs by them are "Arizona" & "Josey", which I wish they'd upload! I'm also loving "Hurricane Streets", "Obvious", "Set Off", & "6 Months". They're all amazing. You know how when you hear a really really good band or song, and you get chills? I got that when I heard this band for the first time, no joke. So far, whenever that's happened, the band I was hearing has gotten really big. [ A ROCKET TO THE MOON will get there, too! I KNOW IT! ] Examples of this are All Time Low, Good Charlotte, The Used, Panic! At the Disco, etc. Let's just say I'm usually 'that guy' who knows bands that nobody else has heard of, then everybody ends up being obsessed with them like 2 years later. I acknowledge that I found Hey Monday quite recently when this guy Johnny sent me their link in a message on MySpace, along with other bands he thought I'd like. [To be honest, I haven't checked out the other ones yet, but here they are: Close To Home, The Rival Year, & Nicholi.] But still, anyone I mentioned the band to hadn't heard of them. No worries; I'm working on converting everyone to HeyMonday-ism, like I have for ARocketToTheMoon-ism ;] Apparently, Hey Monday is being compared to Paramore. Personally, I can see it to a certain extent: the female front-person with a band of guys; the insane vocals. I would take it as a compliment. There are people who are freaking out about it though, which I can't really understand. I mean, if the band has a problem, they'll make it known. Otherwise, what's the problem? I'm curious to see what people think about the comparison, though. So listen to Hey Monday & tell me what you think about their music, their relation to Paramore, or preferably both.

Hey Monday "Homecoming"

>>As I mention Paramore, I find an ad for this video [below] on MySpace. So I had to watch it. You should too. Because Paramore + Twilight = LOVE
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Houston Calls

>>Remember way back in the early days of this site, when I mentioned a CD I got at Bamboozle? Well, one of the bands on that CD is Houston Calls, who I've been listening to all day. I realized that I'd only really mentioned the song "Bob & Bonnie." I just looked back on that post [ from June 16th, mind you ] & that was all I said. Well, they have a bunch of other songs that are just as amazing and worth mentioning. The ones on their MySpace are "Life Won't Wait", "Modest Manifesto", "Elephant and Castle", and "Exit Emergency." They're all really great songs. Normally, vocals like these might bother me a bit, but that doesn't apply here. Every component of the songs flow so well that it makes you want to listen. Seriously, I was flipping through songs on my iPod earlier today, and "Elephant and Castle" started to play. I was about to change to "So Much Love" [ The Rocket Summer ] like I had initially planned, but I couldn't turn that song off. Either I've been brainwashed into feeling a need to listen to Houston Calls, or they're just really great. Personally, I vote choice two. So go look them up, and enjoy the wonderful music.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What I'm Listening To #5

  1. Homecoming - Hey Monday
  2. How You Love Me Now - Hey Monday
  3. Run, Don't Walk - Hey Monday
  4. Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low [VID]
  5. Poppin' Champagne - All Time Low [VID]
  6. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low
  7. Six Feet Under The Stars - All Time Low [VID]
  8. Coffee Shop Soundtrack - All Time Low [VID]
  9. Make It Rain - The Audition
  10. Hell to Sell - The Audition
  11. Don't Be So Hard - The Audition
  12. Warm Me Up - The Audition [VIDEO]
  13. Chasing A Rock Star - The Friday Night Boys
  14. Celebrity Life - The Friday Night Boys

December 18th, 2008:
This is what I'm going to be hearing.
Only better.
Because then it'll be live.
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Seen It Live: 11/08/08

So much fun.

>>There were only 4 bands that performed, and I absolutely LOVED.. 3. They performed in this order: Nevershoutnever!, PlayRadioPlay, Ace Enders and A Million Different People, Hellogoodbye. This time, I went with one friend [MY BEST FRIEND ASHLEY], ended meeting up with a whole group of people, & I only met Sergio & Ace from Ace Enders, and the guy who played with Christofer Drew [NSN!]. Plus, I took way more videos than pictures this time around. All things considered, it was an amazing time.

>>Although they were third, I feel as though I have to write about Ace Enders and a Million Different People first; partly because they were AMAZING, and partly because I promised Sergio I'd write about them sometime before the weekend was over. I didn't exactly realize that only gave me a day to get it done.To be honest, I'd never heard of them until the announcer was like, "Give it up for Ace Enders!" I was still pretty pumped though, simply because it was something I was unfamiliar with. They started with the best cover of "The Bittersweet Symphony" [The Verve] that I've ever heard, and immedietly I fell in love. The way they played the cover was simply amazing, which made me really happy since that's one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONGS [no joke, I always get chills when I hear it]. The way they played the cover had the same effect; Ace was clearly very passionate about it just based on his vocals. I'll put up a video of it under this review, but just remember it was even greater live. They also played "Bring Back Love" which just made my day, simply because before hand Ace was like "Let's act like hippies ... for this really cheesy song" and stuff like that. Such a good song. [This is a LINK to a live video I found on YouTube, but it doesn't have the greatest quality. Check it here if you want, but realize it's not as good as the actual performance.] They played "Rain", "Reaction", & "Body Like Mind" as well, and all were incredible just the same. Overall, they really rocked it musically, and they had phenominal stage presence; everyone was really into their set. I was really, really psyched that I found this amazing band, and that I got the opportunity to see them live, and to meet Ace & Sergio after. Ace is super sweet, and Serg is so much fun.
Definately a band to look into.
*Also, check the Over This [Acoustic Vid] I found on YouTube. It's got a very genuine sound.

>>Nevershoutnever, the reason I went to this concert, went on first. Christofer Drew may be the most adorable kid I've ever seen .. but not met :[ He seriously disappeared after he played, which was pretty upsetting. Not only is his music absolutely adorable, but just the way he was between songs with the guy he played with .. who's name escapes me although I did met him.. Oh well. He referred to himself as a "bum kid", and informed us that Nov. 8 was the first time he'd changes shirts in four days, just to prove a point. Pretty much everything he said made you smile. I've uploaded the video of him singing "Smelyalata", which is my 2nd favorite by him, just so you can see the cuteness in action :D It involves the song, a tamborine, a condom balloon, and one of the happiest reactions I've ever seen. Towards the end of the concert, the merch guy got to see me on the brink of a breakdown because EVERYTHING NeverShoutNever was either a youth small, or an extra small; or sold out completely. I did get a set of 4 NSN! pins, and one of those LiveStrong - like bands that says NeverShoutNever!; I suppose that's better than nothing. ANYWAY: He played "Bigcitydreams", "HereGoesNothin" [MY FAV <3], style="font-weight: bold;">Yourbiggestfan", "Shesgotstyle", and "Dare4Distance" [and obviously "Smelyalata"]. He's just got that kid - vibe that makes you want to run up & hug him, and then pretend you're not a total creep for doing that. I could ramble on all day about how adorable he is, or I could just send you off to discover it for yourself, via MySpace, the video I've uploaded, or whichever method you choose. Go forth, and prepare to fall in love.

>>After Nevershoutnever came PlayRadioPlay. I got a sticker for their CD Texas while I was at Bamboozle in May, so I'd looked them up. I wasn't exactly impressed with what I found, but I didn't really think anything of it. Again, I had no idea they were playing [I really should start paying more attention to that stuff]. When the announcer guy introduced them, I was ready to give them a second chance of sorts, hoping that, like Metro Station, they were actually better live. I was very wrong to have that hope. Honestly, the best part of the performance was the lights, and how the lead singer swayed as he sang. I didn't get that on video, but it was really fun to watch I promise. The only song I feel like identifying is "Loco Commotion", which isn't bad per say. It's just a little obnoxious; I want to listen to it, but I can't? If that makes sense? I pretty much quit after that one. If you're into an electronic sound, go for it & look them up. But personally, I'm not a fan.

>>Just for the sake of keeping it in order, Ace Enders and a Million Different People were third to perform. Seriously though, LOOK THEM UP. No regrets, ever.

>>Oh Hellogoodbye, how I love you so. Since there were only 4 bands this time, Hellogoodbye got to play for what seemed like forever.To clarify: not in the 'droning-on-forever-it'll-never-end-will-it?' sort of way, but in the 'i-wish-this-never-had-to-end-if-only-it-could-last-forever' kind of way. I've been obsessed with their older stuff since .. well, since their self - titled EP came out in '04 [I'm pretty sure that's right?]. My favorites include "Touchdown Turnaround", "Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn", "Oh, It Is Love", "Bonnie Taylor Shakedown", "I Saw it On Your Keyboard", and "Dear Jamie .. Sincerely Me".. to name a few? Clearly I love pretty much everything <3 style="font-weight: bold;">Call 'N Return", "All Time Lows", and "Here in Your Arms". Honestly, almost any song by them is one of my favorites simply because they're that good. I had a feeling, just based on their songs & the videos that the band would be so much fun. I was right :] After one of the songs, Forrest [lead singer] decided to try a slow clap. He picked someone in the crowd beforehand to be 'that guy' who starts it, and then everyone else would follow the lead. Last note is played, everyone cheers. So Forrest is just like "NO NO NO! Let's try that again!", but really adorably because he was sick & his voice cracked :] So he replayed the last few notes, then we had a super pathetic slow clap going on. Look, I can't explain how fun it was, so just watch it! Because I got it on video yayyy. They also had fun with the mic, especially when the voice-changer-'makeitsoundcool' feature was on .. for the special effects on the songs? It seemed like they had as much fun playing as we did listening, which was so amazing. Oh, between songs, they must've seen one of the guys from Ace Enders getting out of the bathroom, because they decided to heckle him and such, asking if he had fun in there, etc. This was when I was having my breakdown with the merch guy, and as we heard this we just kind of looked at eachother & laughed .. then I continued my search for all things NSN!. Seriously, they were so much fun to watch. After I left [after the concert was officially over, of course], the friends I'd met up with who stayed longer got to meet Forrest, and the really funny keyboard-guy whos name escapes me! No fair. Apparently, they're awesome, and I'm mad jealous. Oh well. I still met Serg, Ace, & guy-who-played-with-christofer-drew. If you've been living under a rock for 4 years and don't know a lot / anything by Hellogoodbye, I suggest you rejoin the world and get acquainted with their music.

>>This concert was just so much fun, and the performances were [mostly] incredible. [Pictures to come later, of course.] If you've been to a concert lately, or are planning to go, let me know who which bands you're interested in. I'm constantly looking for new stuff that I can write about, or just listen to. :D

*>>By the way, this might be my longest post ever. Sweet.
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Friday, November 7, 2008

What I'm Listening To #4

LOVE <3!
  1. "Dawn of the Dead" - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
  2. "Do You Feel" - The Rocket Summer <3!*>
  3. "Lost Lust, But Living" - Scenes and Sirens [with BRIAN from Stereo Skyline!]
  4. "Drop the Girl" - Hit The Lights
  5. "Broken Heart" - Motion City Soundtrack
  6. "Digging Deep" - The Melismatics
  7. "Best of Me" - Morningwood
  8. "Don't Trust Me" - 3oh!3 <3!
  9. "Coming Back to the World" - Phone Calls From Home
  10. "Just Let Go" - Mae"

BONUS: "I'll Make The Moves" - Scenes and Sirens
EPIC BONUS: "The Space Between" - Valencia <3!

Check the "Songs Worth Listening To". I seriously just added a million. Well, maybe not a million. But I added a lot. WITH LINKS! To YouTube! Because I'm that great :D

*Also, make sure to listen to "So Much Love" by The Rocket Summer. It's amazing. Here, I've posted the video for you:

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