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>> It all started after attending the Bamboozle Festival in May 2008.  I had always loved music, but I never thought of doing anything other than enjoying it.  After experiencing my first music festival (and second concert ever), I knew I had to be a part of this scene, this chaos that is the music industry.  A month later, I had a conversation with my uncle.  He asked me what I wanted to do with my life.  I was young and hadn't really ever thought about it, but I knew that I loved music and I loved writing.  My uncle suggested that I put the two together, and that's exactly what I did - At the age of 15, I took my first step into the chaotic beauty of the industry and started a blog. This blog.

>> I started The Music Obsession in June of 2008 with the hopes of giving attention to the bands I really liked.  It began as a young girl going on about the bands she loved and wanted to share with the world.  Then, a band found me and asked if I'd want to review their album.  I did, they shared the review, and 8 years later here we are.  My name is Kate Russell, and this is my baby.

>> As of September 2013, I've added on more contributors. This isn't a one woman show anymore which means that we can cover more and write more frequently.  Fortunately my writers have the same mindset that I do - We don't trash artists, we don't write 100% negative reviews, we don't screenshot a twitter update and call it "news." We write honest reviews and highlight the artists we believe deserve the attention, and the ones we believe you readers will enjoy hearing about.  We focus on the interesting, regardless of genre.  We're open to it all because we hope you will be, too.  What's the point in spending time talking about how awful and hopeless a band is when we could be using that time to find a band that's worth writing about? That's our philosophy here -  We feature the obsession-worthy.
- Kate Russell, 11/15/13

The Team: 
Kate Russell (NYC) - Founder / Coffee Enthusiast / PublicistMaster of Crafts
Dani Sacco (NYC / LI) - Contributor / Photographer at Large
Emily Becker (NYC) - Contributor / Photographer / Coloring Book Wizard
Sheila McNair (NYC)- The Coolest Contributor You Know / Alien
Zach Zima (PA) - Contributor / Marketing Professional / *Retired Mosher (*Subject to Change)
Former Contributors: Matt Cordasco, Ari Laichas-Malamud, Anthony "Dob" Dobrini, Alyssa Dempsey, Mitchell Allen, JP Catalanotto, Mike Kurczak

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If you have something cool you think we should know about, or some dope tunes that we need to review, email Be sure to include the basics: the name of the project and the title of the new release you want reviewed, links to new music, social media links, and any upcoming shows / tour dates if applicable. Please send all press releases to this address.

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Want to write for us? Send us an email with links to previous work, a list of 5-10 artists or albums you can't get enough of, and reasons why you want to join Team TMO. Also, feel free to visit for more information on what we're looking for.

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