Saturday, March 4, 2017

Side Saddle Release "Dog In The Night"

Photo Credit: David F Choy

>> Having made a name for themselves in their beloved Astoria music scene, Side Saddle just released a brand new song and video to further highlight their signature indie rock goodness. Their latest tune, "Dog In The Night," marks the beginning of a new phase for the band as they relocate to Boston, MA, and you can see the video for it below. 

>> Side Saddle was the grand prize winner of Silver Sound Showdown 7 which allowed to them create the "Dog In The Night" video with unparalleled director Fletcher Wolfe. The stunning visuals perfectly match the energy of the song itself, making this something worth watching again and again.

>> New to Side Saddle? Be sure to give their 2016 album Stunner a listen and stay tuned for what they release next.

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