Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Music Tuesday: Rah Rah, Every Avenue & more

>> Every Avenue's new video for their song "Fall Apart" is currently featured on MTV Buzzworthy. The track is featured on the band's third LP, Bad Habits. A former MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week, the Michigan pop rock quintet is currently touring the U.S with Yellowcard and label mates Go Radio. Check out the video below or by clicking here.

>> Canadian indie rock band Rah Rah released their sophomore album, titled "Breaking Hearts," internationally today through Hidden Pony Records. This coincides with the band's release of their remix album, Rahmixes, out in the U.S. today as well. The Rahmixes track listing can be seen below, and you can stream both albums at rahrahband.com.

  1. Parkade (NGHTBLND Remix)
  2. Henry (Rich Kidd Remix)
  3. Beaches (Super Moment Remix)
  4. Breaking Hearts (Breaking Hips Mix by Silverclub)
  5. Arrows (Kitchen Party Remix)
  6. Chimneys (Grandtheft Remix)
  7. What About Love? (Cadence Weapon Remix)
  8. Breaking Hearts (DJ Co-op Remix)
  9. Towers (Kitchen Party Remix)
  10. Beaches (French Fox Remix)
  11. F**k NAFTA (Merky Waters Remix)
  12. Chimneys (Kitchen Party Remix)
  13. Ghosts (A.A. Wallace Remix)
  14. Sailors (Kitchen Party Remix)

>> Meadowbrook Records released a new split album featuring Broadcaster (Jump Start Records) and Shot Not. This split consists of two songs from each of the bands. You can now stream the songs in addition to buying the split in a variety of options here.

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