Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Acoustic obSession with This Good Robot

>> I've wanted to start hosting acoustic sessions for ages now.  It was all about finding a place, a time, and all of the other necessary circumstances that simply never seemed to work out.  As of October 13th, I am proud to say that this dream of mine has become a reality, thanks to This Good Robot and the Yippie Cafe!

>> Last night, my friend Nick Karp (of Rewrite the Scene / Nick Karp Photography) booked a show at the Yippie Cafe on Bleecker Street in Manhattan.  After the show, This Good Robot took the time to perform a new song for my new feature.  This was the band's first time performing this song, and I am honored to present this acoustic performance of the song "Red."

This Good Robot's Acoustic obSession
 "Red", Live from the Yippie Cafe

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