Friday, December 14, 2012

Interview: Chevonne

>> Do you remember seeing a passionate girl with hair as big as her personality on this season of The Voice?  Well, that's Chevonne.  She's an artist that is hard to miss, and harder to forget.  While she didn't make it to the final rounds of The Voice, Chevonne's career is far from over. She's working on a debut album and has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund it.  I spoke with her about her time on The Voice, her dedication to making music she loves, and just how important the support from fans really is.

>> UPDATE:  It's official, Chevonne has met her Kickstarter goal! This means that, through support from the fans, Chevonne will be able to go ahead and record her debut album.  According to the following statement, Chevonne couldn't be more excited to make this happen:
"the record's going to be straight-up fun, rock meets soul under a glittery pop umbrella. the lyrics will be tongue-in-cheek and catchy but never lacking in substance and universality.  i'll play with my vocals and delight your ears with all kinds of new and different sounds. (aaaand just MAYBE i'll break your hearts with a big ol' power ballad too.) oh, and it'll be written top to bottom by myself and my trusted co-writer/producer buds in Brooklyn!!
the album itself will be dressed to the nines, filled with colorful, engaging, and dramatic art and photos!  i LOVE playing with fashion and elevating my look to something completely original and forward-thinking.  but above all, like i said, it'll be FUN.  it's a celebration of youth, of survival, of LOVING yourself and letting loose!" (source)
>> Stay tuned for more information.  Congrats, Chevonne!

Chevonne by Elijah A. Bland (Andrew_Avasin)) on
Chevonne by Elijah A. Bland

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