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Interview: Random Holiday

>> After some line up changes and lots of writing, Random Holiday are branching out.  The pop punk band from Virginia love the scene they're involved in but don't want to stop there. Now, two months after releasing a new album titled 'Space To Grow,' the band is hitting the road in the hopes of spreading the music they love and learning some things along the way.

Please state your name and role in the band. 
I'm Mikey Frazier. I play Guitar and Sing as well as tell a lot of bad jokes on stage.

Where are you from? Describe the local music scene there. 
Winchester VA, we have a rad Hardcore and metal core scene here, but only a couple pop punk bands with not too many all ages places to play. However a lot more shows have been held in the past year or so it's doing well. We mainly play in MD around Hagerstown, and Frederick. The scenes there are so rad.

Who are some of your musical influences? 
Batten Down The Hatches, Blink, TDS, NOFX, Daggermouth, Distances and Men At Work.

When did you start making music together as a band?
We started the summer before freshman year and my boy Kyle Grim who went to school with Noah brought Noah and Jake White to my house. We clicked instantly when we covered Welcome To Paradise, and from that moment all agreed we didn't want to be another garage battle of the bands kind of band. We wanted to be on the road like our heroes. Things happened and people changed. Noah and I are the only two original members, if that helps to explain.

You released a song featuring Aj Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer. How did that come about? 
All I can say is we all ran around screaming "OH MY GOD!!!" when he said yes. It was because he tweeted about doing guest vocals and writing which he did for a few bands but we felt this would be the perfect ending to "Heart Grows Colder". It was really rad of him.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the future, who would it be? 
Max Bemis [of Say Anything]. He is the greatest lyricist of our time.

You released 'Space To Grow,' your debut album in April. What was the inspiration behind that? 
Well once our band was downsized to just Noah and I as the full time members, we had a lot of events going on in our lives. The record isn't just a record about growing up, it's about dealing with anxiety, love, loss, happiness, confusion, doubt, and finding your self. The name is a reference to or favorite band The Dangerous Summer, and it fits the record's themes so well. We know that life will continue and with any event there will be an area for you to grow from them.

You're touring a lot this summer. Tell us about that.
We are covering the entire east coast this summer minus like Vermont and Maine. We had plans to do the mid west and south west, but had to scrap the routing, due to issues with fill in members. But we are on the road as I write this in Florida.It's so awesome to be traveling and meeting new people and playing theses songs for them. I'm most excited for playing Alabama, Rochester NY, and Freehold NJ this summer. I can't wait to see all the friends and play some punk shows.

How has touring influenced your band?
It's introduced us to so many amazing and real people, as well as already given us a chance to play the music that we wrote and are passionate about to new people every night. It's amazing how much touring has effected us, by just showing us how open hearted people can be by letting complete strangers sleep in their house. It's a beautiful thing how people act. Also because of meeting new people, we've met bands like Batten Down The Hatches, and The Eleventh Hour, who have helped us and we've helped them. It's great getting on Facebook and chatting with kids in like every state in the nation. Touring has made us into much more humble people as well.

What's next for Random Holiday? 
Hopefully touring and playing as much as humanly possible. All we wanna do is keep writing and pushing what we love as far as we can.

Is there anything else you'd like to say? 
Thanks mom and dad, thanks to our friends, swag me out.

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