Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We're Expanding. (It's About Damn Time)

Intern, guest writer, professional concert attendee -
Whatever you want to call yourself, I need your help.

>> I started this site over 5 years ago.  I have been doing this since I was still in high school, and I have loved every second of it.  It's just me writing and keeping things afloat, but things have changed since high school (thank goodness).  So, while I take pride in being super hands-on with everything published on this page, I'm at the point where I need some help.  That's where you come in.

>> Since I am currently a team of one, there are a lot of events that I can't cover and albums I don't have time to review. I hate that.  Whether a show is in a different state or is the same night as another show, if I like the artist, I still want to be able to help promote them.  Same goes with album reviews - just because I have an exam to study for or something of the like, that shouldn't stop a review from being published here.

>> Personal notes aside, The Music Obsession is looking to take on a few interns.
Things I'm looking for:
  • Someone passionate about music and live shows 
  • A self-motivated, dedicated individual who can meet any deadlines
  • Someone who is on top of their social media game - I share all of my posts on twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and even instagram.  You'll be doing the same.
  • You can't be afraid to network, online or in real life. Talking to people is super helpful in all aspects of life, and it definitely makes a difference in the music industry.
  • Someone who can work a camera - I get a lot of photography opportunities, and being able to film an acoustic session or an interview is pretty important too.

>> If you become an intern (hooray!):
  • Any review or interview you do will be published on the site with your name at the bottom, giving you full credit for your work.  Same goes with photography.
  • Having your writing / photography published will be a great resume builder and will give you helpful (and awesome) experience for the future.  
  • You'll be asked to review albums and cover live events, and potentially interview some artists. 
  • This would be a great way for you to get your name out there and to take your first steps into the world of the music industry.  Seriously, I'll have you doing cool things. Promise.

>> If you're interested, email katerussellftw@gmail.com with the subject "TMO Intern."  Please include your full name, where you're from, how old you are, and what experience you have (a resume, essentially). Also, a writing sample is highly preferred.  If you have any questions, include those in the email and I'll get back to you ASAP.

I'm looking forward to expanding the TMO team.
Let's take over the internet, one tweet at a time.
- Kate

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