Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Music Obsession Featured on Haulix

>> Hello everyone!  Something exciting happened earlier this week, and I figured I'd share with everyone.  James Shotwell from a great site called Haulix asked me some detailed questions about how I got the idea for this site, what I've done with it so far, what I want to do with it in the near and distant future, and more.  If you've ever wanted to know more about my early days as a music fan or what drove me to put my love for music into writing, or about the specific platform I use and what I plan on doing as technology advances, this is the best way to learn.  I've posted a small bit of the content below, but you can see the full feature at .

H: Having a passion for music discovery and discussion is one thing, but taking steps towards establishing a corner of the internet dedicated to your interests is another level of commitment altogether. When did you realize your love of music was a bit more extreme than everyone else?

K: When I started finding bands that weren’t as “mainstream,” music based conversations became harder. I’d ask friends if they had heard of this one band and when they hadn’t, where could I go with that? After having that failed attempt at a conversation numerous times, I started realizing that this was more important for me than it was for the people around me. Music became my cause and I wanted to pursue it and give a voice to those bands nobody had heard of yet, but that deserved to be heard. I was a little crusader for the smaller bands because of endless conversations where nobody knew what I was talking about. That’s how this whole thing started. I realized my ‘obsession’ with music was stronger than most people’s, and I felt I needed to do something with it.

- Kate Russell

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