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An Interview with PARLOUR TRICKS

>> Having recently dropped the "Lily and the" from their name, NYC based PARLOUR TRICKS are aiming high this season.  I spoke with Lily, the band's lead singer, before CMJ week about the band's new video for "Lovesongs," their experience playing the 3rd annual CBGB Fest, and more.  You can read the full interview below!

Please introduce yourself - name, role in the band, and anything else you want us to know about you. How did PARLOUR TRICKS first come together?
I'm Lily, lead singer and writer for the band. I love Elvis Presley and I hate bananas. I also want to lie to you about how the band got together, but I can't come up with something good enough at the moment. It's boring. We met in college and we fell in love. All six of us. That was that.

For those who aren't familiar with you yet, how would you describe your sound? 
It's been described as "50's nostalgic, 90's familiar, and 2020 progressive all at once". That about sums it up.

You recently released a new song called "Lovesongs." What went into that song? How did it feel being able to make something so relatable and so personal at the same time?
We're happy to hear it's relatable. The song didn't take long to write, but it grew exponentially from when I wrote it to when we collectively finished the arrangement. It's tentative at first, but ends up surging into a disco explosion (which was definitely unplanned). It's a song about love songs; about the feeling they give you. Everybody knows that feeling. It's deeply personal and totally universal at the same time.

What was your favorite part about making your new video for "Lovesongs?"
Everything. Our plan was so minimal. We borrowed a green screen kit and lights, got a little naked, threw on some body paint and sang our hearts out for hours on end. It got a little weird. It was never not fun.

What do you hope fans will get out of the video?
We hope it inspires them to take off their shirts and sing along.

This summer you performed at Bonnaroo and Summerfest, and you just performed at the CBGB Music Festival. What has the experience been like at each of these festivals? 
Overall it's been wonderful. The staff at these festivals are so incredibly nice and welcoming. But for us every show is important, festival or not. We try to learn as much as we can from the elements at hand at every show: what problems/magic arose from our own mistakes, or shitty sound, or strange setups, or rough crowds. Every experience is informative; even the bad ones. Bonnaroo was a special moment for us though. We loved playing that show.

Being from NYC, what was being a part of the CBGB fest like for you specifically?
CBGB Fest is a sweet way to honor the old venue and all of its ideals. The city is so different now from how it was in CBGB's heyday, but it is nice to have that namesake live on in new ways. We also loved being on the bill with bands we're friends with (Rocket & The Ghost and Mother Feather). That's a nice "hometown" feeling.

Next on your list is a performance at CMJ - How do you plan to top last year's performance this time around? Can fans expect some new songs and/or dance moves at that show?
We always have new tricks. Honestly, we are new Tricks this year. We've done some major renovating since 2013. New name, new game.

After CMJ, what's next for PARLOUR TRICKS?
We're looking forward to a few weeks off, and then a really fun holiday show at Mercury Lounge on December 13th. Then we're looking forward to a super busy Winter 2015. Got some stuff we can't wait to share with everybody.

Source: Johannes Anderson on flickr

>> If you haven't already, be sure to watch the colorful new video from PARLOUR TRICKS here!

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