Monday, December 22, 2014

Alyssa's Top 3 Music Videos of 2014

>> The end of the year is rapidly approaching which makes it the perfect time for reflections! Here, contributor Alyssa Dempsey lists her three favorite music videos of 2014. After watching these gems, be sure to tell us about the videos that you couldn't stop watching, and the videos you never want to watch again.  

>> Cheers to you, 2014. It's been real.

1. I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore” - The Menzingers

I’m a sucker for videos with story lines, and The Menzingers do a great job of remaking a horror classic into a pretty cheesy but adorable short story. Complete with cutesy motivational posters and textbook self esteem techniques, this video works thanks to the fun details. And can I just say, I felt a real emotional connection to our serial killer protagonist? What a guy.

*I almost picked Sia’s “Chandelier" for this spot, because that video is prime, but I ultimately I like The Menzingers better and not every band has Dance Mom prodigies at their disposal, so.

2. Mabu” - PUP

PUP’s self-titled album is one of my tops this year as well, so it’s only fitting that their music video do this song justice. The video is a weirdly endearing send-off to an old car which the band tastefully remodels and enters into a demolition derby. It manages to be simultaneously sweet, funny, and rock punk. Also there’s a chameleon! RIP Mabu, you went out in a blaze of glory.

3. Blank Space” - Taylor Swift

I was never a Taylor Swift fan, and in fact I was pretty actively an anti-fan until this new album came out. It’s not even so much the album as this video which I’ve watched hands down more times than any other music video... ever. Tay-Tay does crazy girl beautiful like nobody’s business, and each scene is a poster I want hung up on my wall. The guy in the cape walking great danes! T-sweezy’s bloody cake stabbing! And when she stands on the horse towards the end! Ugh! This video is so good it makes me mad.

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