Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stream: "The Glow" by Monogem

>> Get ready to groove - Monogem just released a new track, and it's quite the jam.  "The Glow" encourages listeners to "lose yourself in the dark" through Jen Hirsh's smooth and sultry vocals and a unique combination of sounds in this electro-pop/soul track.

>> When asked about what makes "The Glow" different, Hirsh had this to say: "There's something very special to me about "The Glow" was the very first song that sort of defined this new sound. The glossy drums, tight harmonies, short vocal phrasing--there's a certain slickness to the song that I feel stands out. There are also some chirping birds that made it onto this final mix which is awesome. The window was open when we demoed the track, and Scott was able to put a filter on them and some delay to make it sound rad. Can you hear them?"

>> You can definitely catch the chirping if you pay attention, and it's just one of many refreshing elements of the song. Don't just take my word for it though - listen for yourself! Stream "The Glow" below, and be on the look out for Monogem's upcoming self-titled debut EP. 

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