Monday, October 26, 2015

Saint Ballantine Unleash Hypnotic Single "The Stoned"

>> Hailing from New York, Andrew Thomas Reid and Brian ‘Sene’ Marc have come together to embark on a new musical journey as Saint Ballantine. The two producers / musicians initially formed this new outfit after both collaborating at the Clubhouse in South Brooklyn. The Clubhouse, a modern day creative commune founded by Reid, has hosted over 50 artists who create a myriad of artistic works. Having come from such a vivacious environment, the gents in Saint Ballantine are bringing their creative artistry to life in something that has yet to be seen elsewhere. The duo describes themselves as “Gangsta Indie Rock”, which comes off as a combination of sharp production elements, heavy subject matter, and festival-ready downtempo tunes. Reid and Sene have incredible chemistry as writers, leading to a slew of versatile and meaningful songs. The duo prides themselves on the interesting mix of influences and genres in their music, and their knack for experimentation is personified in their latest single, "The Stoned."

>> Released through Tommy Boy Entertainment, “The Stoned” gives listeners something completely new. The intricate use of hypnotic electronic sounds with far away yet ever-present vocals gives a twist to what some call 'typical indie rock.' The anything-but-typical indie beat gives an enchanting background to the vocals as rock undertones subtly express the darker side of the lyrics. Listen to "The Stoned" below and get groovin'!

>> We hope to see more from this dynamic and innovative duo as they continue to make some of their most enticing music to date. For now, be sure to keep tabs on Sene's acting career - he just announced his part in the upcoming Marvel's Luke Cage Netflix series!

- Jody Seidel & Kate Russell

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