Thursday, November 19, 2015

Album Review: Demi Lovato Goes From Disney to Diva with 'Confident'

>> Growing up a few years before Demi Lovato’s appearance on the Disney Channel, we were able to understand the transformation from sweet girl to diva Demi through all five of her albums. Her previously released albums and tracks have been exceptionally popular, and although equally well liked, Confident reveals a different and mature side of Demi that we’ve never seen before.

>> Released October 16th, 2015, Confident gives us a look into Demi Lovato’s assertive, established, and proud self. Not only are the general tempos and beats different in this album than any before, but the lyrics of each song truly show how Lovato has grown up. Although her years spent growing have been extremely public, and nonetheless critical, Demi has accepted and moved forward through every stumble. She shares her growth in many of her new tracks, including “Old Ways”.

>> Her focus in her newest album has shifted from others to herself and her own growth. In Lovato’s 2009 album Here We Go Again, her songs show a focus on another person other than herself. This is extremely apparent in “Every Time You Lie”. Lovato mentions all the problems someone else has caused and all the lies she has been told. From her album in 2009 to her album in 2015, Lovato has truly become an adult and her grace and maturity is clear.

>> Confident provides us with a fragile and vulnerable look into Demi Lovato’s life with each song exhibiting the strength in her lyrics, her voice, and ultimately her character. Her new album perfectly personifies her growth from tween Disney star, to mature pop sensation, and it's something fresh that long-time 'Lovatics' will adore.

- Jody Seidel


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