Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Album Review: 'This Is Your Brain On Love' by Rare Futures

>> When I first encountered Rare Futures (formerly known as Happy Body Slow Brain), their on-the-rise status combined with the upcoming release of a new album set off a red flag in my mind. As an indie and alternative music listener myself, I’ve seen too many “cool” bands come out with simplified, “accessible” albums. Because of this, new releases come to many of us with a sense of excitement as well as dread. Could Rare Futures lose their sound to, dare I say, “pop-sensibility?”

>> Luckily, this was not the case for This Is Your Brain On Love, which was released on March 25, 2016. 13 tracks deep, This Is Your Brain On Love keeps its musical integrity throughout.

>> True to the title, Rare Futures delivers an album that you can lose yourself in. Songs like “Reminding Me To Live” and “The Pressure” deliver subtly funky, yet Mutemath-esque energy. The dynamics, evident between the smooth organ sections and sophisticated drum lines of “Cool My Mind | Reverie,” are impossible to ignore.

>> What is consistent throughout the album is the punch that the rhythm section brings: Tight and driving, the intricate arrangements carry many of the tunes, and I often found myself lost in their grooves rather than looking for vocal hooks to latch on to. Don’t forget to crank up the bass when you check out the album.

>> However complex, the arrangements do allow space for the vocals. Too many alternative artists choose to neglect harmonies and layers of vocals, but Rare Futures takes advantage of lead vocalist Matt Fazzi’s skill to add a signature to their sound.

>> Sensible without selling-out, Rare Futures' latest release can be found on

- Written by Haley Gowland

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