Friday, July 15, 2016

Album Review: '131' by Emarosa

Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn

>> Emarosa captured my attention with the release of their new album 131. This album, the first that the band released through Hopeless Records and after a major transitional period, is their fourth full length which features eleven tracks of hypnotic dreaminess. I had never listened to Emarosa before this album, but now I regret not listening sooner and urge old and new fans alike to pay attention to 131.

>> If anyone has seen Emarosa play live, especially at the Vans Warped Tour, you know that they bring a very extraordinary presence to the stage. This translates perfectly through their music, which is just as entrancing as their jaw dropping on-stage mannerisms. There is a very up close and personal aspect to this album, which is especially prominent in a song like “Porcelain.” This song features raw emotion that can be felt throughout the entire track, easily making it a stand-out. Another track worth mentioning is “Miracle”, which features a mesmerizing instrumental as well as a beautiful set of lyrics to match.

>> Overall, each song features a very specific sound which makes it very easy to find the one song that fits each listener best. That being said, the tunes still work cohesively to make the track listing feel thought out.

>> 131 is available through, as well as iTunesSpotify, and more. Make sure to catch Emarosa on the Vans Warped Tour all summer long, and stay tuned for our interview with the band from the Camden, NJ date. Fans across the pond should get ready now: the band is hitting the UK for s tour starting September 25th. 

- Written by Savanah Ruiz

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