Monday, August 1, 2016

Rare Futures Release X-Files themed Video for "This Is Your Future"


>> UFOs, possible lab experiments and alien abduction? Put on your shoulder pads and Trust No One because Rare Futures is taking us back to the 90s in a government issued rental car. With the release of the video for "This Is Your Future" off of their highly anticipated album This Is Your Brain on Love comes a basement-full of X-Files nostalgia. Through phone taps and back room interrogations we were able to find out that truth seeker Matt Fazzi was inspired to write the song after binge watching seasons of the X-Files with his wife and commiserating with Mulder's plight as a believer in the extraterrestrial and how ultimately love is what drives him to keep believing in something that he can't seem to prove to anyone else.

>> The video was shot in San Jose, California and is a DIY nod to any sci-fi nerd. It feels like you're walking in to a government experiment, a-la Stranger Things and the X-Files movie Fight The Future. There's even a guest appearance by two of our favorite government agents, but you didn't hear that from us.

>> Watch Rare Futures' latest video below. And remember, the truth is out there.

>> Want more nerdy goodness? Peep the band's interstellar stop-motion video for "The Pressure."

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- Sheila McNair, aka @ThatAlienGirl

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