Saturday, September 10, 2016

An Acoustic obSession with The Great Heights Band

Photo by Charow Photography

>> Sometimes you meet a group of people and you hit it off immediately. I was lucky enough to have that very experience with The Great Heights Band from Baltimore, MD. We crossed paths at the Launch Music Conference in Lancaster, PA and the shared love of good laughs, good tunes and good tattoos was fantastic. Hearing that the band would be coming to New York in late August on their Songs In Acoustic Timing Tour was exciting, and we knew we wanted to do something to celebrate.

>> Neal Karkhanis and Eric Taft were the two members embarking on this stripped down tour to perform songs they've written (as well as a few covers) in a totally new way. The duo chose to perform two special songs for our readers here at The Music Obsession, including a brand new one called "The Mountain," and we're thrilled to share these videos with you. 

The Great Heights Band performing "Stay"

>> Though stripped down, there's no denying this band's energy. The positivity and warmth present in these two songs translated beautifully to the full set later that evening. Neal and Eric performed these tunes and a slew of others in a packed room at The Bowery Electric - a room full of friends, fans, and newcomers alike. Each song in the set was accompanied by hand claps or a sing-a-long from the crowd, and it was a performance that would made attendees want to see these guys every time they're in town. Be sure to watch both of these videos, and stay tuned for more from The Great Heights Band.

The Great Heights Band performing "The Mountain"

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