Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I'm Listening To #3

Songs, artists, and a playlist. Oh boy.

>>Simply in an attempt to add more songs to the list, which I did, I ended up making a new playlist on MySpace, and finding a lot of really good songs by artists such as Circa Survive and Goot. I don't really have time for a legit post, or to add links like I usually do. So here's the playlist I just made. ENJOYY :]
  1. Pretty Buildings - People in Planes
  2. Travel Hymn - Circa Survive
  3. So Much Love - The Rocket Summer
  4. OK - Lansdowne
  5. Sick Hearts - The Used
  6. I Want It That Way (Cover) - Goot
  7. Shiver Me Timbers - Mercy Mercedes
  8. Away, Away - Push Play
  9. The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is In The Dose - Circa Survive
  10. Lovebug - Jonas Brothers :]
Tell me which ones you love the most.

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