Sunday, October 26, 2008

Seen It Live: 10/25/08

One of the most amazing nights I've ever had.

>>The concert was phenomenal, and the people I met were so nice. The bands that played were, in order: Stereo Skyline, Mercy Mercedes, The Urgency, Single File, A ROCKET TO THE MOON, and A Cursive Memory. I seriously filled the memory on my camera .. [Fortunately, I uploaded all of the old ones onto my comp beforehand.] Everyone was so great, and they got the audience involved. I went with 2 of my closest friends, and we met up with 2 really fun guys. It was a an incredible time.

>>Stereo Skyline was first, and of course, none of us knew they were going to be there. We got there early enough that we had a good spot to watch them. I got great pictures of their performance, and with them after their set, specifically Kevin (lead singer / guitar) & Brian (guitar). I had heard of the band before, but I wasn't actually familiar with any of their songs. I remember them at least playing "Fivetens in Harlem", "Heartbeat", & "Uptown Get Around". They were all so great, I don't think I can pick a favorite like I usually do. I think, if it was possible to choose, I'd prob go with "Fivetens in Harlem". [By the way, I got a good portion of that song on video!] Their sound is so adorable, and you pretty much can't help but dance when you hear it, especially when it's live. Unsurprisingly, they got the crowd going.

>>Mercy Mercedes came next, and again, I really only knew one of their songs ["Shiver Me Timbers"] They were amazing. Their stage presence was phenomenal, & I'm absolutely willing to sound like the loser I am just to say it. They moved around a lot, switching spots (etc) which helped me get lots of great pictures. To be honest, I probably got more pictures of Matt than anyone else. Him & Nate. Before I talk about their performance any more, let me tell you to go watch the Tour Updates on their MySpace. They're absolutely hysterical, & they show you what I mean when I say they're super fun :D The first Tour Update video is from September. Oh, & in Tour Update 2: At about 2:38 they show a clip from THE CONCERT I WENT TO! In case you were wondering where that was from. Also, they have a great taste in candy. GO WATCH! Anyway, I'm absolutely in love with their music. End of story. Out of all the bands that played that night, Mercy Mercedes [& obv. A Rocket To The Moon too <3] were, by far, my favorites. They played "The Perfect Scene", "Shiver Me Timbers", "Revolution", and more. All amazing, all incredibly played. I met all of the guys, and I had them sign my poster. Also, I bought their CD 1.21 Gigawatts & a shirt that makes me happy. Essentially, they're amazing musically & personality - wise. Go check them out :D

>>To be completely honest, I wasn't exactly "paying attention" to The Urgency, or Single File when they were playing. Which I feel really bad about now. Instead, my friends & I were watching the New Jersey Devils [Hockey] game for some reason? I don't really know why, but we caught Marty Brodeur making the sickest save I've ever seen and .. ANYWAY, they sounded pretty good :D So I checked for their MySpaces because I wanted to know what I mainly missed out on.

..& now I have to do stuff, other than this. Ughstahhss. I'll finish as soon as I cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, & preferibly sometime before the next concert. <3

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