Friday, May 22, 2009

New Addition: TMO on Facebook & Twittuhhh

Actually, we've been on Facebook... and Twitter.

>>Naturally by 'we' I mean this page and myself, but whatever. So I made a 'fan page' for kind of a while ago, and there are currently about 170 fans. Awesome. Somewhat recently I added a hit counter to the website you're currently viewing, under my Twitter updates on the right side of the page. As of this second, there are 702 views, but the number is always changing. My question: How awesome would it be if everyone who viewed this page could become a fan on Facebook, then tell their friends to check it out & do the same? I plan on updating a lot more because I should have more time, so there'll always be something new on here. Between album reviews, new songs, tour dates, new bands to fall in love with, random videos I find, and more; I'll have something to add. I was also thinking about doing a 'week in review' sort of thing on Sundays, but I'm not sure how that'll work out.

>Now that you've read my ramblings for the morning, you might be thinking, "Why should I 'become a fan'?" Well, there are quite a few reasons.
  1. I post pictures and videos from various concerts I go to, something I can't do all too well on here. I mean, I can post them, but when I add new posts the pictures & what not slide down the page, and then you'll have to search to find them... With the Facebook page, I added tabs so that you can easily view the pictures & videos whenever you want, hassle-free.
  2. I send out updates from the Facebok page. Not too many, I don't want to harass anyone, but enough to keep you updated with the little yet important things I find.
  3. Like on Twitter, you can easily see what I'm up to, or what I'm adding to the site through the status.
  4. I make events on facebook for things like album releases and Glamour Kills shirt day (the first Monday of every month). Can't really accomplish that one via blogger.
  5. You can always find a way to get in touch with me. I have all of my links under the 'Info' tab, so you won't have to scroll all over the place trying to find something. I posted the links to the Twitter account fer this site as well as my personal Twitter & MySpace accounts.
  6. You can 'like' and comment on whatever I post, such as links, pictures, etc. This helps me figure out what you guys like best so I can add more of it.
>There isn't really a downside, so why not go for it? Also, following on Twitter is pretty beneficial. I 'retweet' (re-post) updates from artists, record labels, and whoever else I think you might care about. Of course, I also post what I'm doing or who I'm writing about, so the acount isn't just made up of everyone else's updates. [PS, if you don't have any idea about Twitter or why I'm obsessed with it, think of it this way: It's like a Facebook status on steroids. Bands, labels, clothing lines, and just regular people like myself post updates as to what they're doing. It sounds mad sketchy, but if you get/have one, you'll understand. I promise.]

>>Thanks fer reading that. As a consolation, I'll post my links here too. Just click and do the following:
Become a fan, add as a friend, follow, and tell a friend. Thanksabunchhhhh.

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