Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Album Review: "New Again" by Taking Back Sunday

  1. New Again*%: It's the first track on the record, and I think it's the perfect opener. It's not too intense, or too drastically different from anything one would expect from TBS. But it's still new, and amazing. It's got a killer chorus and it's catchy as hell. You'd want to keep listening to it on repeat for a while if you didn't need to hear the rest of the record.
  2. Sink Into Me*%: The single, now available on iTunes. Now this one is different. It's very upbeat, but not 'happy-happy-joy-joy' if you catch my drift. It's got a lot of energy, and I'm willing to bet it'd be amazing live. [I'LL SEE IT AUGUST 25th BABYY] Here's a video of them playing it live at Bamboozle. Sink Into Me - Live From Bamboozle '09

  3. Lonely, Lonely%: Starts out with a riff that's a bit heavier than what you'd normally expect from the band. It's a good track, but it doesn't really stand out for me. I could, however, see a bunch of kids trying to mosh to this at the chorus.
  4. Summer, Man%: This song is lighter than the previous track, but there's a good transition. I really like this chorus, and I could almost see it being used in a movie when they're talking about the end of summer, or maybe during a random in-between shot before someone heads off to school. It's not a typical pop song in that sense though, far from it. It's a song you can really relate to, lyrically and melodically.
  5. Swing: I could see this blending in with tracks from Louder Now. The guitar pretty much makes my life.. An obvious exaggeration but it's so sick. The beginning practically invites you to listen to the whole thing, and you're drawn in with every word. Then you hit the chorus, followed by more of those riffs I'm in love with. It has a harder tone than Summer, Man but it's not as heavy as Lonely, Lonely, so imagine it being somewhere in between.
  6. Where My Mouth Is: Between the intro and especially the chorus, I'm pretty sure Adam wrote this song for me without realizing it. These lyrics are probably my favorite. It's probably the most mellow track, and naturally it's the one that means the most to me. Anyone going through a rough patch can easily relate to the chorus of epic proportions. It's really chill, but you're never bored when listening to it. This song just feels very honest and genuine; everyone will connect with it.
  7. Cut Me Up Jenny%: This song wasn't exactly well received when the band added it to their Purevolume page. It's a decent track, but I think the chorus is what freaks fans out. Adam sings the title of the song, then he screams/screeches it. It's not completely awful, just very rough. That's the only 'maybe-you-shouldn't-have-done-that' moment on the whole record. Another thing people aren't as fond of is how this song doesn't draw you in as much as some of the others. This is probably one of maybe 2 songs that aren't 'up to par'.
  8. Catholic Knees: Adam's voive is the roughest throughout this song. It's more controlled & something you'd want to listen to as opposed to that one part of the previous track. It reminds me of a song I'd hear on a WWE game fer the X-Box. FYI, It's the shortest song on the album.
  9. Capital M-E: This song would deffinately fit in a movie montage set in the fall, perhaps set on a college campus? Haha that's the vibe I get. The intro almost reminds me of a newer song by The Academy Is... Almost. I really like this song, it's chill but not bland.
  10. Carpathia: I love the rythm in this song. It starts out slow, but that chorus takes it up a notch. It's got fairly good riffs, too. It's almost like a combination of the more relaxed songs and the 'harder' ones. It'll make more sense when you hear it, I assure you.
  11. Everything Must Go*%: Starts out slow, gets really emotionally charged at the chorus, and stays fairly intense in that way throughout.
>>Overall, this record is amazing if you listen to it straight through. I think they should have split up "New Again" & "Sink Into Me" just to spread out the super addictive tracks, but then again I love how it flows. I've been listening to this record almost non-stop since I got it last week, and I would definitely suggest a pre-order. Either that, or buy it as soon as it comes out. New Again drops Tuesday, June 2nd. Can't wait to hear what you guys think of it <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">>>*You can listen to "New Again", "Sink Into Me", and "Everything Must Go" at Taking Back Sunday's Website now.
>>%Other songs from the record are on their PureVolume page. You can also pre-order the record on iTunes, or purchase the single ("Sink Into Me").

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