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Interview: The Reserve

>> About a month ago, I asked the guys from The Reserve a couple of questions.
These were their answers. (John Rossi's now included too!)

1. Who does what in the band?
Pete Nappi: I play the drums, percussion and keyboards.
Peter Catalano: My name is Peter Catalano and I sing and play guitar. Pete Nappi takes up the drums. John Rossi attempts the bass guitar :].
John Rossi: my name is john dominick rossi, im the one in the band who stands there and looks good♥ peter catalano plays the guitar and uses his golden pipes, and pete nappi plays the sh*t out of his drums.

2. If you could play any other instrument besides the one(s) you play now, what would it be & why?
PN: I would definitely play the banjo. Its a fun instrument and i would love to jam out on it.
PC: DRUMS! Pete Nappi always seems to have so much fun playing.
JR: i would definitely play the trumpet, or to be really good at the piano. i think the trumpet is a rad cool instrument, and i love the piano

3. What are some of your earliest memories that made you want to get into music?
PN: Just seeing that if you work hard enough, you can do what you love to do every night of your life. Without music in my life i probably would not be the same person.
PC: 4th grade. Tom delonges lead guitar riff at the end of dumpweed made me buy a guitar.
JR: i remember my dad showing me bands like tool and rage against the machine at a early age of my life, he really got me into my musical life i have now. but i really fell in love with linkin park and there sound♥ . also kurt cobain played a hug part in my life his life really caught my eye and i realized a whole different world of music that i live in right now.

4. Would you say music runs in your family?
PN: Id say so. My dad plays some guitar. My italian grandpa plays the accordion♥ and piano. My great grandfather played the sax in a band in italy.
PC: My mom can sing. Thats about it.
JR: i think so, me and my dad bond alot. we always watch and listen to alot of blues together, its enjoyable.

5. Biggest influences, both musical and otherwise?
PN: Angels and Airwaves, U2, Basically all good music. I like to listen to music that is very different, or music that can make u think differently. Also the stars and the planet can influence my life as well♥
PC: Musical- Blink-182, Otherwise my grandparents♥
JR: muse, blink 182, angels and airwaves, plus 44...... my grandma, and my family.... and the moon.

6. What made you realize you wanted to start/join a band?
PN: When i was younger, i was always into music, banging on stuff and singing along. For my 8th birthday, i got my first drum set. I went to my first concert also when i was 8, which was u2 in boston, and i knew immediately from that night, i wanted to play music for the rest of my life.
PC: I want to be able to reach people on both an artistic and personal level.
JR: my best friend pete nappi always wanted me to play an instrument, and i want to inspire kids the way musicians inspire me.

7. How’d you guys get together?
PN: To make a long story short, Peter knew my friend Kevin. Kevin told me they needed a drummer, i called pete and history was made. John is my best friend so he later joined.
PC: I started the band in December of 2007. The Reserve has gone through so many different members but things were finally put into place when my friend Kevin introduced me to Pete Nappi.
JR: um i believe peter made the band back in 07, he got pete nappi and they needed a bass player and im a bass player!

8. Who named the band? How’d you come up with that name?
PN: Peter came up with the name. I think he was driving in his car and thinking about his cousin in the army or something.
PC: I came up with the band name when I heard my cousin was joining the marine reserves and heading off to Afghanistan. My cousin wants to protect our nation. I'm trying to motivate people to stop all the hate through music and art. Anyone that wants to change the world really is part of The Reserve.
JR: peter came up with it, i think it has something to do with his cousin.

9. What do you find inspires most of your lyrics/music/etc?
PN: I think if you look around you, anything can inspire you to do something. Everyday life experiences can cause you to create music. Also, just listening to other music can make you get inspired. The time when i get most inspired, is when i go to a concert. It makes me realize that i could play music everyday for the rest of my life if i just keep working hard. After a concert i usually go home and write a new song.
PC: Most of the music and lyrics I write are based off of personally experience that were happening at my life at that time. The new record that I just started writing is based on a story that I came up with only three days ago. I started writing lyrics and music last night. (*Answered on Aug 27th)
JR: what inspires me is anything that makes me driven, anything that gives me motivation to do something with my life.... mainly its making fun of guidos.

10. How do you guys come up with the lyrics and the music behind it?
PN: Usually me and peter write something, and record a short demo of it. Then we go to the studio and write rest of the music in there. Then Peter usually writes lyrics and a song is born!
PC: See question 9.
JR: peter and pete normally write everything, i just throw in judgments.

>I was going to post the whole thing, but it's pretty long. Check out the rest on my fan page, I posted it as a note :] (*Click here)

Although their release week has passed, you can still get their new Ignite EP on iTunes (click here) if you haven't already. I'm working on a review for that right now, it's definitely worth looking into. My personal favorites are probably "Man Of Your Dreams" and "Ignite", but they're all great. Next time you get the chance, I would definitely advise checking out one of their shows; seeing them in person is always a good time. And they love meeting fans. Couldn't be better than that :)
Thanks again guys <3

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