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Seen It Live: 9/12/09

Would using the word "phenominal" be over doing it?
Probably. OH WELL.

>>So a week or two beforehand, I'd been told about The Reserve, Table 21, Kelsey and the Chaos, and Patent Pending all having a show on September 12th. I kind of freaked out, like honestly how am I supposed to choose.. Upon being given specific details, I realized I wouldn't have to- They all invited me to the same show. With a line up like that, and including a bunch of other awesome bands, I knew it was gonna be an epic night.

>>I got to the show later than I really wanted to, as usual :\
>I didn't find out until later that one of the bands who's set I missed was Kelsey and the Chaos, one of the reasons I went to the show. BUMMERRRR. Luckily, when I saw her later, Kelsey told me they're coming back to Long Island in November :D (On November 11th, playing on the Cheap Date Tour* with FTSK, The Rocket Summer, Sing It Loud, and more, at the Crazy Donkey<3)be> Shut Up and Deal EP on iTunes. I got it from them at Warped, and honestly I still listen to it at least once a week :]
>I also missed Last Days of Summer. I'd heard of them but I'd never really heard anything by them. Apparently they're also friends with The Reserve, small worldd :]. I looked em up fer real when I got home, and they're seriously good. They've only got 2 songs up on their MySpace right now ("Moving On" & "What You're Leaving Behind") but they're both pretty rad. Be sure to look at their most recent blog post so you know what's going on. From the band: "...we are now working on 2 new songs that will be released at the next show we play which will be november 14th at amityville for the $10000 battle of the bands soo come show your support and have a kick ass time with us and maybe we'll have a shot!.." You should definitely go check them out :]

>>After missing their set 3 separate times, I can FINALLY say I've seen Table 21 live, and at their last show. Yeah, it's over.. but T21 most definitely went out with a bang. They played "Party! In My Pants", "Crash and Fall", "Showeys and Goeys", and more.. they even played some songs with their pants ON! And yes, that's exactly what I meant ;] The guys went all out, and they put on one hell of a show. There was confetti.. but somehow they 'misplaced' the glow sticks, so we couldn't rave during their set :\ Regardless, it was an awesome set. PS, You can still get their CD on iTunes. I still listen to it all the time, it's so damn catchy I can't help it :]

>>Not counting acoustic sets or their band practices, this was the first time I'd seen The Reserve play an actual show. Let me just say their stage presence was ridiculoussssss, they really put on a great show. Everyone around me seemed to think so too, they're a band that grabs the crowd's attention and keeps it until their set is finished. Oh, and their playing wasn't half bad either ;] They played my favorite songs by them, "Ignite" & "Man Of Your Dreams" as well as a bunch of other great ones. You'd think I would have it already, but this was also the night I got their Ignite EP. So stokeddddd. It's mad good, pick it up if you haven't already :D They're all great guys, and they love talking to fans. Next chance you get, I'd suggest going to one of their shows & saying hey. You won't be disappointed, trust me :]

>>There was a point during the show when me and a few friends were hanging out by KATC's tour bus, and I ended up meeting & talking to 2 guys from Pull The Pin. A few people had suggested the band to me, but I hadn't really gotten the chance to look them up.. After talking to them about their friendship with Tyler of KATC, Blink 182, & The Beastie Boys, I bought their CD. Why not, right? Later on, I saw them play. Long story short, buying their CD was a really good choice. It's called "Anyone In The Universe...Other Than Me", click here to get it on iTunes! I like them a lot. I'm not sure which songs they played that night, but I love "Let's Start From The End" by them. That, and "A Place Like Home" are probably my favorites, but they're all super good.

>>I also got Valet Parking 's Blackout EP, you should tooooo. "Just Pretend" is my favorite :] Overall, they're pretty rad.

>>Considering I was supposed to see Patent Pending live a solid 3 times before this, I was so stoked to fiiinally see them play. I'm not a huge fan; I didn't know their songs specifically (except for "The June Spirit" :D) until that day. I was standing pretty much on stage with them (in the back though, no worries hah) during their set, and their performance was just amazing. I had such a great spot, I could see the band play, and I got to wave to the guitarist ahahah, aaand I got to see how the crowd just went crazy for every song. They played "Anti-Everything", "Dear Stacy, I Hate You", and by request "She's a Ho Ho Ho." Just from that one show, I saw how they've got such a great, dedicated fan base that any band would be happy to have. Even though it was a fairly small venue, there was crowd surfing like you wouldn't believe. Literally people went all out, and it was truly a great experience.
Next time Patent Pending plays nearby, you can bet I'll do my best to be there :]
OH, and after dying to do so since it came out, I actually got a chance to buy their CD, Attack Of The Awesome, which I'm actually listening to right now :] SO GOOD. The songs are mad catchy; I can see why their hardcore fans love them so much. Aside from waving to the drummer & guitarist during their set, I also got to meet Joe when I got their CD. He's such a sweetheart, and pretty funny too. This all added to their stage presence, and the overall badassness of the nighttt<3>>As you've probably noticed, this was one of the best shows I've been to in a whiiile. I felt like such a dork coming out of it with 5 new cds & a poster, but it was totally worth it. The KATC poster (that only cost a dollar!) is up on my wall, and the CDs are all still in my CD player. Although I went to see bands I'm friends with, I got so much more out of that show. Between meeting almost all of the bands, talking to various new people, being introduced to bands and their music, and being able to see a bunch of great bands live, I couldn't ask for more. Yeah, I know I'm rambling, but it was seriously an epic night.

Local shows ftw <3

*PS, Kelsey and The Chaos is only playing a few dates of the Cheap Date tour. Check which ones HERE. If you can, make sure you go see them! I am on 11/11/09- how perfect :]

[Finished on 9/27/09 <3]

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