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Seen It Live: The Cheap Date Tour (11/11/09)

The tour ran from 10/25/09 - 12/5/09. That's a quite a few of shows.
But there was just something special about the one I went to.
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>> Assuming your taste in music is similar to mine, just looking at this line up basically ensures a good time. When I attended the tour on 11/11, I got to see Forever The Sickest Kids, The Rocket Summer, Sing It Loud, My Favorite Highway, Down With Webster, and Kelsey and The Chaos. Some bands dropped off while others joined all throughout the tour. (Some of the other bands who were on the tour at some point include Artist Vs. Poet, Vita, & more.) The show I went to was different for a bunch of reasons, I'm sure it really stood out from the rest. Doors opened at 6pm, FTSK finished around 11pm, but I didn't leave the venue until around 12:30am. (Did I mention this was on a Wednesday?) It was a great show, and an overall amazing night.
>The only complaint I have is how early I had to get there to get a decent spot on line before doors opened. I was there about 1&1/2-2 hours early, and there were still a solid 150 people in front of me. A little ridiculous, but I got to hand out a bunch of the Fearless Records Summer 09 Samplers I have. Oh, and it gave me plenty of time to talk to Corey DeVincenzo (KATC), so those factors pretty much outweighed my general annoyance at the 12 year olds around me. I'm not entirely sure if the show sold out, but either way it was packed. That only added to the hype in the atmosphere.

>> Once doors opened, the venue started filling up fast. Good thing I got a spot riiight in the front near the 'barricades'. Kelsey and The Chaos played first, making the waiting on line & rushing to get a good spot worth it. Just by watching them, you could see how stoked they were to be on the tour, this being the first of 6 shows they played on it. (They played between 11/11/-11/18) When they started their set, the crowd generally seemed interested in hearing someone new, most of them being there solely for the headliners. But by the end of their performance, I'm sure KATC had earned a bunch of new fans. They played songs from their Shut Up And Deal EP , as well as some new ones. This is one of the videos I got during their set. This is when they played their new single "Life Goes On", which is slowly taking over radio stations all over the place. Be on the lookout towards the end of the video when Corey 'punches' Tyler mid-song.
Life Goes On :

It was a good way to start the show, and the night just kept getting better from there.
If you haven't already, get a copy of their Shut Up and Deal EP, featuring songs they played at the show like "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and "Against The Wall". Also, their new single "Life Goes On" will be available on iTunes on 12/15/09. You can get that, and their cover of "Santa Baby" - 2 songs for $0.99 :)Pre-order now, it's a pretty sweet deal.

>> Realize that at this point the band I initially came to see had already played. (Kelsey told me about this show when I saw them in September. I didn't realize that the rest of the line-up consisted of bands I absolutely adored until later.) Now I was waiting for the hype band to play. I'd honestly never heard of Down With Webster until I saw the line-up for this tour. I'd only heard good things about them once I knew who they were, and I was interested in seeing them live after Tyler Lyons (KATC) had me listen to the songs on their MySpace. I'm pretty sure he was the one who said they could be the next 3OH!3, & this became apparent at the show. There are 7 guys in DWW, and they know how to bring the party. The comparison to 3OH!3 makes sense because they both have such incredible energy on stage, DWW simply having 5 more people to help crank it up. Also, both artists mix 2 or more genres, 3OH!3 being a sort of electro-rap whereas DWW mixes electronic beats & a hip hop influence with an overall rock base. Sounds like a lot, but somehow it works. I thought they were pretty good just listening to them the first time, but I think they were even better live. The energy, the genre, and their obvious intensity in what they do made the best first impression possible for people who weren't familiar with them. Even if some aren't really big on their musical style, they have to admit those guys put on one hell of a show.

>> It was kind of a strange transition going from such a crazy, energy-filled performance to My Favorite Highway's sweet & calmer set. Another reason this show was so unique? This was the only acoustic set MFH played on the whole tour. I'd seen them play full-band in July, so I was looking forward to seeing them acoustically for a change.
Say So (Acoustic):

MFH has great stage presence, both playing with the full band and acoustically. They make you laugh and smile, all by just making comments between songs. They are genuinely talented, and everyone should be able to experience that live.

>>Next up was another band I hadn't seen since July, but most people know them as Sing It Loud. They also put on a good show. Their set was another reason this show was especially unique. During their song "Come Around", Joe Ragosta from Patent Pending joined the SIL on crew & sang with them on stage. It was truly an amazing thing to witness, you could just feel the excitement between such good friends on stage. The Patent Pending fans in the audience went crazy, which only made for an extra special night. Considering how much I love "P-Unit", seeing this was seriously an epic bonus. This picture is one of my favorites from the show, and it's pretty obvious why. (Pat Brown of Sing It Loud on the left, and Joe Ragosta on the right)

>> I hadn't seen The Rocket Summer live since the first time at Bamboozle 08, so naturally seeing them again was long overdue. They played several songs from their album So Much Love,

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