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Interview: ¡pretty boy beatdown!

>>Instead of sleeping, Chris Vitale took some time out at 2am to answer these questions on behalf of his band, Pretty Boy Beatdown. They're pretty entertaining, not gonna lie :)
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Introduce yourselves- Who does what in the band?
Christopher Vitale – Vocals, Synthesizer, Piano, Bass
Bryan Nunez – Drums, Gang Vocals
Pat Manna – Vocals, Guitar

What are some of your earliest musical influences?
(*Chris left this one blank, but told me to answer anything he skipped with "Monkey". So...)

When did you guys officially start the band?
It was a rainy winter afternoon in December. We rolled into a cold garage in
Northern Queens. It all began that day.

Have any of you been in bands before this?
Christopher Vitale – Table 21
Bryan Nunez – Last Chance Heroes
Pat Manna – All For None

Has that helped you at all with this new one? If so, how?
Personally, I learned a lot in all the bands I have been in over the years.
Making friends and contacts is the most important thing you can do as a band. Its really all about who you know and how close you get with your fans, and anyone who can help you get things done.

What makes this band different than the others you've been in?
I’d say the biggest difference is our approach. We got together and immediately wanted to start off with a few songs kids could attach to our name, and gather a fan base through some networking online. It’s made things a lot easier, and has helped to keep up a constant momentum of fun.

What's your favorite part about being in this band?
I’d have to say it’s a tie between the ridiculous things Bryan Nunez says throughout the day and Pat Manna’s good looks.

Who came up with the name Pretty Boy Beatdown?
We were talking about a few different names when Pat came to me and said Pretty Boy Weekend. That’s when we decided to go with something a little different and I suggested Pretty Boy Beatdown. Random, yes, but hey looks cool written on paper.

You guys recently played your first PBB show (1/17/10). Describe the show.
This show deserves an article all to itself! I guess we’d have to start by thanking our friends who played with us: Project Thalen, Sunset Arms, Big City Lights, Berg. from One Love, Kids of Survival, and Set In Color. Calling Out Productions, Dob, helped me put together the perfect lineup for this great show. We ended up selling out the show presale and packing the house.

Do you have any other shows coming up?
February 13th at the Donkey with UnderSpinningLights and March 6th with Score24, Set In Color, USL and others for a Breast Cancer Benefit. Momma V is a survivor♥

For those who haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe your music?
Easy listening, golden oldies, or irish folk.

Have people compared you to other bands?
Yes, we get compared to U2 a lot. A big thing is they say Pat resembles Lady GaGa. Bryan is often mistaken for travis barker. Basically we are hard to compare to.

Do you guys go to shows a lot? If so, who would you like to see? Who have you
seen recently?

I do. I drag Bryan with me. Sometimes we see pat there. I love the local scene I mostly go see my friends. I did go to FTSK and can often be found at anything ATL.

Who would you love to collaborate with someday?
Well deceased would be Biggie, John Lennon, and of course the original singer from Smash Mouth. Hes dead right? Hmm I always wanted to do a collaboration with taylor swift. Shes gorgeous. I’d record with anyone I think it would just be fun.

What are some goals you'd like to accomplish in this band?
Tour. Simple enough.

How do you guys generally find new music to listen to?
The Music Obsession, Kate Russell, or Itunes suggestions.

What artists/albums have you been listening to a lot lately?
The Summer set, Andrew W.K., The Wonder Years, Fireworks. alotttt

If your band had a theme song, what would it be?
Obviously. Simple enough here. We have one. It was the 3 minute remix of our favorite songs at our first show. Featuring the Jobros, Britney, Flo Rida, and Metro Station. By favorite we mean the ones we hate.

If you were to create a Trending Topic on Twitter, what would it be?

Have you ever heard a song and thought, “Wow, I wish I wrote that!” ?
Pretty much everything on the radio. The geniuses behind most of the rap people actually buy. I envy them.

Is there a certain song or artist you consider your 'guilty pleasure'?
Jack Johnson. Secret love.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received from fans? The strangest?
Gift? From fans? Huh?. I guess hot pink panties from Michaela

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you to sign? (via Dublin)
Hm. A male asked me to initial his member.

How would you spend your time if you weren't in this band? (via Pete Lawnes)
I do a lot of graphic design. But honestly. I’d pack my bags, grow a mustache and become a leaf peeper. It’s a real job look it up.

If you were a jellybean, what flavor would you be? (via Lucy)
Your favorite flavor.

Who is the coolest person named Kate that you know? Don't hold back on this one
tie between kate o'byrne my photographer an kate russell my secret lover.

Favorite music obsessed website?
tie between thescenelife and

What if ties just didn't exist and you had to pick one over the other?
id die of a mental breakdown.

Strangest thing you've ever witnessed?
i believe it was a leftover gay cowboy hippie in a pizza place. true story. oh and he had a raccoon hat thing on!

Bonus Round:

Band(s)? Pretty Boy Beatdown!
CD(s)? The ones I actually go out and buy.
Local venue? The Crazy Donkey.
Video game? Badlands
Sport? Fencing/Handball

This or that:
That obviously.
Bamboozle or Warped Tour? Warped
VMA or Kids’ Choice Award? VMA
Twitter or AIM? AIM
Blackberry or iPhone? iPhone
Calling or texting? Texting

Behind The Scenes: What else should we know?
Age? IM LEGAL ! 18
Special talents? I’m kindof smart. In the summer months I live on the handball courts.
Additional hobbies? I just told you. Handball, Graphic Design, Extreme Note Writing, Leaf enthusiast.
Pet peeves? People making my OCD go off. Such as starting to say something, stopping, and then never telling me. AHH!H
Nicknames? My family as well as anyone who knew me when I was little called me fief. Long story. Lol
Life motto? Forgive and Forget, Shit Happens, For Every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction, Be happy.

Members Only: In the band, who is
Funniest? Bryan . Zimbabwe. He will understand.
Most outrageous? Pat. Hes just silly.
Most organized? Me? Idk I feel like me.
Strongest? shit . we all put up a good fight.
Biggest flirt? Same here. We all have the game of champions.
Prettiest? Bryan, hands down. Just amazing hair.

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