Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Updates from New County

>> Between releasing a new demo and adding a new band member, the guys in New County have been hard at work lately. Check out an update from the band below, and be sure to welcome Tyler Lyons (formerly of Kelsey and The Chaos) into the New County family!
Hey everyone!

First of all - we want you to all welcome our newest member and best friend Tyler Lyons to NEW COUNTY!

We've actually known Tyler for quite some time after both our old bands played a show together with none other than Vanilla Ice. That was a great time! Since then, we've been hanging out a lot, writing together a lot, and just straight up getting along, so it only made sense to have him join the band and start this journey with us. Please add him on Facebook and Twitter and check out our new photos including Tyler plus an intro video here.

And here's some more great news! We posted another brand new demo called "More Into Me" exclusively on Facebook. Head over to our page now and click the 'Music' tab to hear it!

We have a whole lot in store for you, starting out with a new EP that we'll be recording this weekend in NYC, plus some new tour dates. So stay tuned!

Tony, Joe and Tyler

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