Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Free Mixtape from Anarbor

>> Anarbor have released a free mixtape featuring a collaboration with Ryan Hunter (ex Envy On The Coast) and Sierra Kusterbeck (VersaEmerge), a rock remix of "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner, a cover of "Hashpipe" by Weezer, and more. The full tracklisting for this mixtape can be seen below. You can download these songs by visiting anarbor.net/mixtape , or by clicking 'download' on the widget at the bottom of this post.

Track listing:
  1. Contagious (feat. Ryan Hunter & Sierra Kusterbeck)
  2. Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner (Anarbor Rock Remix)
  3. Hash Pipe (Weezer Cover)
  4. Bulletproof by La Roux (Anarbor Rock Remix)
  5. Fast, Cheap, And Out Of Control (B-Side)
  6. Call from Manager (Skit)
  7. I Do What I Do (Will McCoy Remix)
  8. Let The Games Begin (The Sanfernando Sound Remix) *[Bonus Track]
  9. Let the Games Begin (Acoustic) *[Bonus Track]

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