Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vs. The Earthquake Benefit Compilation featuring The Wonder Years, Valencia, Title Fight, & Many More

>> Several bands, including The Wonder Years, Valencia, Title Fight, La Dispute, Man Overboard, Transit and more, have come together to release a compilation of rare tracks to benefit the victims of the earthquake and its after effects in Japan.
The Vs. The Earthquake comp can be purchased here for a minimum $5 donation.

>> Soupy from The Wonder Years had this to say about the compilation:
"..News of tsunamis, floods, fires, radiation leaks and more poured in as we sat feeling helpless in the van. The idea struck to maybe text a few of our friends to see if we could get five or six songs together for a short comp to benefit the victims of this tragedy. I think it really speaks to the sense of community we have in this scene that within the two hour drive to Delaware, over 20 bands agreed to be a part of this. The comp is a collection of primarily rare, hard to find or unreleased recordings. The storefront was donated to us by Limited Pressing and currently, Paypal is allowing you to send money to charities without taking any fees. This means that, aside from the standard fee Paypal may take out when money enters an account, 100% of the money will be going to Americares to help the Japanese."
Vs. The Earthquake Track listing:
  1. The Wonder Years - Hey Julie (Fountains of Wayne Cover)
  2. The Swellers - By a Thread (Acoustic B-Side)
  3. I Call Fives - Everyone Knows (B-Side)
  4. Mixtapes - Your Little Hoodrat Friend (Hold Steady Cover)
  5. Citizen - Tracking Time (Acoustic)
  6. I Am Alaska - Patriot
  7. Koji - Giants Sleeping
  8. Perfect Lines (ex- My Heart to Joy) - Crooked Tracks
  9. Transit - Indoor Voices
  10. Man Overboard - Different People (Rare Track)
  11. Allison Weiss - Let Me Go (Live)
  12. Balance and Composure - As Planned (Rare B-Side)
  13. Valencia - Spinning Out (Acoustic)
  14. Fox Fires (Members of FYS) - Dogma
  15. Nix 86 - Why Can't You Stay (Live)
  16. La Dispute - Why It Scares Me (Live in Brisbane 1/25/2011)
  17. Save Your Breath - Stay Young
  18. With The Punches - No Blood, No Foul
  19. Daytrader - Living
  20. Such Gold - I Hope You Die Soon/Ten Seconds too Late (Movielife Covers)
  21. Bad News Bears - Where is Home
  22. Title Fight - Western Haikus (Acoustic)

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