Monday, September 26, 2011

Interviews from 9/17/11 @ Ollie's Point

>> Hey guys! So I have been majorly slacking with the updates this month and I'm so sorry about it. I'm now in my first year of college and I'm still getting used to the idea of budgeting my time. I hate to use such a lame excuse, but it's the truth. I'm getting better with it, I promise. Even though the updates have been few and far between lately, I have been keeping up with the latest music news and going to as many shows as possible. I have a ton of show reviews to post for you guys, but I'll just leave you with these gems for now:

>> On Saturday September 17th, I was able to see This Love, Jonas Sees In Color, and This Condition at Ollie's Point in Amityville, NY. It was a great show, everyone seemed to have a great time. After the show, I got a chance to talk to Joe McFaddin, lead singer of This Love. I had to split the interview into two parts, but you can watch them both below. The interview was filmed by Kyle Gorry of Bellwether outside of the venue shortly after the last band finished. It's pretty dark but you can hear what Joe is saying, and I think that's the most important part. I also have another video from that night which I will upload as soon as possible. For now, enjoy my new interview with This Love!

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