Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Album Review: 'The Speed of Things' by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

>> Tie the laces on your dancing shoes, as indie-pop duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. are back with their sophomore release The Speed of Things. Hailing from Detroit Rock City, Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein never intended for their music to be heard by those outside of their basement. But alas, their infectious songwriting changed that.

>> There's no slump here, as The Speed of Things is catchy as hell and is a pretty great mixture of influences such as the 1960's Beach Boys and New York's own modern-day, Freelance Whales. The album rolls through with a variety of sounds – some dream-like at times, including the aptly titled “Beautiful Dream.” The reprise, too, brings its own beat to the table by leading the rest of the album into its second act of sorts. “Mesopotamia” is a fantastic track that allows the falsettos to take over and hopefully, leave the audience swaying. “If You Don't See Me (Then You Weren't On the Dance Floor)” is undoubtedly the leading single that had already been featured on an EP released earlier this year. It remains to be the stronger of the tracks but don't let that give the wrong impression as there are plenty of gems hidden throughout the album. Want proof? The finale, “War Zone” hits just over the six-minute mark and will most certainly leave you wanting more. So much for staying quiet fellas, it looks like you'll be here for a while.

- Written by Anthony "Dob" Dobrini 

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