Friday, January 24, 2014

Flashback Friday: A Feature with Viv and the Revival

>> Back in November, contributor Sheila McNair stopped by the Big Picture Media office in NYC to spend some time with Viv and the Revival.   She talked to the band about their upcoming album (The Introduction, set for a February 18th release), the recording process, and how amazing it has been for the guys to hear their songs featured on The Voice and in other prominent places.  Plus, there are shout outs to Hot Topic, cool vests, and Anchorman.  Watch the interview below and get stoked on that final freeze frame:

>> After the interview, the guys performed one of their songs.  Watch Viv and the Revival's acoustic performance of "Shook Up" below:

>> Since the interview, Viv and the Revival have had a song featured in a Verizon commercial! Normally ads aren't something to look forward to, but watch the commercial below and enjoy the sweet sound of Viv's "I Want It."  Let it get you pumped for the new album, The Introduction, which comes out on February 18th!

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