Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Warm Up with Cody Kahmar's "Last Time"

>> Today is supposedly one of the coldest days in recent years.  I can hear the wind from outside, and it sounds brutal.  So rather than focusing on how frigid it is outside or how you could potentially become a walking icicle when getting home from work later, take a break and go to a warmer place.  Cody Kahmar's new single "Last Time" is warm, smooth, and has a rhythm that will have you dancing in your chair.  The video features palm trees, pool parties, and some genuine sunshine - a.k.a. the perfect distraction from what may or may not be temperatures below 0 degrees wherever you are.  Spend a few minutes thinking of summer and sun while enjoying a smooth jam.  Can't hurt.

"Last Time" by Cody Kahmar

- Kate Russell

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