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Feature: The Grahams Release 'Riverman's Daughter (Deluxe)'

The Grahams - Riverman's Daughter (Deluxe)

If you like: Toy Soldiers, Neil Young, The Lumineers, Lucinda Williams, Avett Brothers

>> Happy Tuesday, Breakfast Eaters! For many of you it's 'SNOW-MUH-GAWD TWO-KAY-ONE-FOUR'* - myself included. We definitely need some cozy, winter friendly jams to defrost our hearts. Look no further! The Grahams' debut record re-release of Riverman's Daughter came out today and has got what you need. Put the kettle on and settle in for some foot-stomping, whiskey-rich ballads to sooth the soul. 

The Grahams are the hardest-working, New York City native couple that you ever did see. Alyssa and Doug Graham have known each other since childhood, and this makes their musical stylings seamless as they fit together like puzzle pieces from the clay, ya'll. I had the pleasure of seeing the duo play in Brooklyn on a cold evening in November. Alyssa's strong, beautiful voice filled the room, captivating the Brooklynites. I recall eating a plate of garlic fries - an infamous dish at this particular venue - which were soon forgotten when The Grahams began to play. Alyssa and Doug play with such joy and soul that it immediately changes the vibe of the entire room. Normally stoic Brooklynites were besought to dance, and I found myself experiencing such rapture that one song (which, unfortunately didn't make it on to the re-release) brought me to tears. 

This passion, joy, heartache and truth is the glue of Riverman's Daughter. The Grahams tell a real story based on their experiences starting in NYC and moving through the heart of America. Alyssa and Doug literally followed rivers, a la Huck Finn, and the result is this astounding debut album. 

The first track Revival Time is a playful barn-dance anthem. You can almost smell the dirt and hear the floorboards creaking from the dancing crowd, hands clapping and drinks spilling.

If You're In New York is a miracle. A bluegrass ballad about NYC finally exists! This is my favorite song on the record - the city is compared to various landscapes across the country that you would here in classic bluegrass songs. I love this song because as a bluegrass junkie, it makes me feel less homesick. 

Lonesome Child is a power ballad with the gut-wrenching chorus "then you went off the rails and I went straight." I think we've all been there at one point or another. 

Goodbye Babe showcases Alyssa's beautiful, beautiful voice and her guitar, singing a heartfelt goodbye. I hope this song is the backdrop to any situation where I have to make a heartfelt goodbye and I'm driving away, looking back through the rearview mirror - although I will cry like a baby. 

The album features some great live tracks from the album, as well as four new tracks, one being a cover of Neil Young's Down By The River. The live tracks are a perfect example of how incredible this band is live - trust me - they are a must see. The Grahams will a bring a light to your life that you didn't know you needed, but will want to hang on to forever.

>>We here at The Family Breakfast are big fans of the Americana/Folk/Bluegrass sound and this album has it all. Heart-wrenching vocals and lyrics, guitars, fiddle, songs to dance to, songs to belt it out to, and songs to cry to. Keep your eyes on these two, they're going places.

 Luckily, the duo have lots of dates coming up for their spring tour - if they're coming through your town you absolutely NEED to see them. The album is available today on iTunes. You can stream The Grahams debut album, Riverman's Daughter (Deluxe), find tour dates, watch the official video for A Good Man and get connected with the band below.

Peace, Love and Family Breakfast.
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*Term coined by The Architect's Brandon Phillips on his Facebook in reference to the insane snow throughout the country

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