Thursday, February 27, 2014

Frank Iero (Death Spells, Leathermouth) Releases 'B.F.F.'

>> After the release of the last My Chemical Romance song, it's clear that the members are now moving forward with their own endeavors.  Frank Iero is working on some solo music, and his newest release is potentially one of the most adorable things you'll see and hear this week.  Frank just released a video for his new single "B.F.F.", a song that features his daughters, Lily and Cherry. 

>> According to Frank's initial announcement of the song, "B.F.F. was written by Lily and i, and features vocals by myself, Lily, and Cherry. i recorded and performed all of the instruments on the track at B.CALM Underground studios, it was then mixed by Ed Rose and mastered by Alan Douches at west west side music." It's an impressive feat for two three and a half year-olds.

>> The song is fairly tame, and includes an intermission from the cuteness at 1:46 with a very mild guitar solo, which is followed immediately by the continued singing of Frank and his little girls.  The family collaboration is a very sweet touch.  Knowing that Frank filmed and edited this video at home further brings the idea of family values to the forefront. The video shows three Ieros playing, singing, and having a good time together.   It'll warm your heart, even if they lyrics themselves are pretty sad.

"B.F.F." by Frank Iero featuring Lily and Cherry Iero

>> One more great aspect of this song is the fact that the proceeds from all sales of "B.F.F." go toward both Lily and Cherry, and their brother Miles', college funds.  A side note from Frank: (so no piracy will literally be stealing from a baby).  Another brief message from Frank can be seen below.
thank you so much to everyone that helped this project along, waited up late for the release, or was interested enough to take a look and a listen. it means the world, and we appreciate it from the tops of our hearts.
please enjoi! xofrnk,lly,chrry,mls

>> For more background information on the song, check out the feature / video premiere on Alternative Press.

- Kate Russell

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