Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: 'Cope' - Manchester Orchestra

- Written by Mitchell Allen

>> Following 2011's Simple Math, Atlanta based Manchester Orchestra continue to push their musicality to the next level. By evolving and adopting a heavier sound, the band has picked up right where they left off and continue to push their boundaries. From the opening track "Top Notch" to the last screech of feedback on the final title track "Cope", Manchester Orchestra's fourth studio album throws the listener into a storm of distorted guitar riffs accompanied by a thunderous rhythm section, topped off with singer Andy Hull's distinctive voice and lyrics. These elements bring the whole package together as a solid modern day rock album.

>> At 11 tracks charting just under 45 minutes, this fast paced record will not disappoint fans of Thrice, Foo Fighters, and Brand New.

Cope Track Listing:

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