Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: 'Crocodile Tears' EP - Brigades

 >> Putting out an EP as a younger band can be a daunting task. Potential fans expect to hear a wider variety of styles in the 5 to 6 song grouping that proves the band’s worth on the listener’s iPhone. If there is a song or two that just happens to get stuck in their heads, that’s just a bonus. With Brigades' newly released EP entitled Crocodile Tears (CT), I believe those expectations were met.

>> The overall lyrical flow and song structure on CT are both on point in all six songs. Did this EP set Brigades apart from the heavy hitters that make up the Pure Noise Records line up? To be honest, I don’t think so, but CT does however provide enough proof that this band will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. There are obvious pop punk traits in every track, but there are also enough nuanced sections in the songs to provide a new experience to a pop punk fan.

>> If you need convincing, check out the single "Small Time Crooks", which Brigades released a music video for prior to the EP’s release. This contains enough catchy hooks to make you want to purchase this song 6 times over. I found myself nodding my head within the first 10 seconds of listening to this medium tempo pop punk tune.  Get a feel for the track by watching the video below. 

>> If you’re looking for some ferocity on this EP then skip to "Traditions." Once you get passed the unnecessary 12 second intro, the song picks up speed into circle-pit territory. The vocals mash together coarse, melodic-hardcore screams with your traditional pop punk cleans. This song even goes into heavy, 36 Crazy Fists-style bridge section that could cause a short lived mosh pit.

>> If you were drawn in by either of these songs then go all in and check out the rest of the EP. You will find that Brigades will be a household name in the pop punk community in no time soon. Purchase a physical copy of Crocodile Tears here , or find it on iTunes! Catch the band on tour with Hit the Lights, Major League, Light Years, and July on the Skip School, Start Fights Tour

- Zach Zima

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