Friday, June 27, 2014

New Music Video: Knuckle Puck - "No Good"

>> The resurgence of pop punk throughout the years could resemble the waves along the west coast that tend to be referenced in many of these songs. The era I grew up in saw the rise of acts such as Blink 182, New Found Glory, Simple Plan, and Yellowcard. These were the main groups that pulled me into the alternative scene which led to other styles such as metal and hardcore, in which I enjoy immensely today.

>> Now in the year 2014, we have seen another one of these 'waves' in the form of bands such as The Story So Far, Neck Deep, State Champs, Man Overboard, and Real Friends, who have blown up in the music scene. They're also inviting new fans to the alternative scene and reminding older pop-punk fans of the angst they felt while spinning Catalyst by New Found Glory in their CD player. 

>> Chicago based band Knuckle Puck are another act that have been catching buzz with this rebirth of the pop punk genre, and they are doing so with only a few EPs under their belt (one of which is a split EP with Neck Deep that features only 2 songs per band).

>> In order to continue their exponential growth in popularity, the band has released a music video for what could be considered their most popular song (and my personal favorite), "No Good." The song is featured off of the bands EP titled The Weight That You Buried, which was released in 2013 and was re-released on vinyl in 2014 via Bad Timing Records.

>> The video is one of the few in the genre that doesn't feature a montage of touring footage, and actually has a story to it that follows the lyrics. It features a female character who, at the beginning, paints over photos of a guy with black paint. As she continues to paint over him, the black paint starts to cover her. The video seems to illustrate how a person tries to get rid of someone harmful in their life, but sometimes, no matter how hard they try they can't get that person out of their head (or off their skin). It could also illustrate the lyrics "I'm no good, you're no better," in that everyone has flaws (represented by the black paint).

>> Knuckle Puck, who was recently named on of the 'Top 10 New School Pop-Punk Bands You Need To Know' by Billboard Magazine, will be supporting Senses Fail on the Let It Enfold You 10 Year Anniversary Tour coming up this fall. They will be joined by No Bragging Rights, and the tour will kickoff September 30th. This tour will bring fans of all ages together to share the music of their teenage years!

What are your thoughts on the video? Are you a fan of the new wave of pop-punk? Leave your answers in the comments!

- Zach Zima

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