Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Feature: dale Release New Single "Stain"

>> Self-proclaimed "Psychiatric Punk-Pop" band dale just released their latest single, "Stain."  This track is the band's follow-up to their love, dale EP released earlier this year.  "Stain" is a smooth rock song laced with emotion. It has a soft tone but keeps you listening with various addictive elements scattered throughout.

>> I recently spoke with dale vocalist Rees Finley about the new song. "I wrote 'Stain' about a couple of drunken nights at my apartment last year over bottles of cheap wine. I was listening to a lot of Prince at the time who is really hip with double-entendres and I was thinking about the double-meaning of a wine stain," he said. He cited Red Hot Chili Peppers and Weezer as inspiration for the arrangement and overall sound of the finished piece. "To me, the first EP is mostly songs I wrote in high school or about high school. I wouldn't necessarily say that this is more 'mature' so much as it tries to make sense of something a little more adult."  Listen to dale's new single "Stain" below.

>>  According to Rees, the band has some videos and new recordings in the works as well as plans to hit the road in the fall. When asked for a last word about the single, Rees had this to say: "Don't drink and drive."  Stay tuned for more from the band!

- Written by Kate Russell

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