Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Music Video - "Beauty in Tragedy" by August Burns Red

>> After releasing Rescue and Restore over a year ago, August Burns Red is still promoting their fifth full length in all the right ways. Today, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania metalcore aficionados released a music video for the song 'Beauty in Tragedy', their third video off of Rescue and Restore. You can watch the video below.

>> The video uses black and white live performance shots that were taken during ABR's UK tour at the beginning of this year. 'Beauty in Tragedy' was directed by Giles Smith, a Leeds-based photographer. The live shots are filmed to perfection, and there are multiple angles that give the viewer different aspects of a live ABR show. 

>> The song itself is an emotionally driven musical message to a loved one who has passed on. The song changes tempo multiple times, and is a excellent example of ABR's multitude of abilities as a band. At one point, the band is playing at a pace that could turn the pit into a cyclone. Following this, the song dives down into a slow interlude which leads into a spoken-word section that vocalist Jake Luhrs presents with audible sobs of pain. It then picks up again for the climax of the song in a whirlwind of musical talent and finishes out with epic organs to match the overall hopeful message of seeing a lost loved one once again. 

>> When it comes to music videos, I tend to prefer a story line that goes along with the lyrics, depicted by either the members of the band or actors. If this is not the case, I would at least like to see something visually appealing, such as the video for "Provision' that ABR released a few months ago , which can be seen below. Live footage videos, at least to me, can sometimes come off as lazy and a simple way to get a video on YouTube for promotional purposes. It can be hard for a band to sell me on a music video like this. However, ABR was able to do so by showing what a live shot video is suppose to encompass: the band's live performance.

>> Now, I won't lie, August Burns Red IS my favorite band. I have followed them since they put out their first full length, Thrill Seeker, in 2005. Knowing this, you may think that I am biased. You're probably right, but this band still deserves all the credit it gets. This video is visually appealing in its own right. It is able to capture the band members' emotions while playing this equally emotional song. It also captures the members playing their instruments to their best abilities, whether it's Dustin Davidson's bass picking skills, or Matt Greiner's cymbal destroying blast beats. This video solidifies August Burns Red as one of the most talented metalcore bands out their, and the song shows that they can push the genre's boundaries to new levels and still make an intense, heavy song. 

>> If you're new to this band, check out the video above and let me know what you think in the comments below. I hope you'll find that they produce music that is a step above the cookie-cutter "core" music that is being released today.

- Zach Zima

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