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An Interview with Spencer Sutherland

>> I stumbled upon a talented singer/songwriter a few months back who was doing a video cover series. After looking closer, I found that there was more to this artist than just covers. Spencer Sutherland, the artist in question, has successfully used both covers and original songs to gain quite a loyal fan base for his music. I recently had the chance to speak with Spencer about his song "Nothing Can Hurt Me", Pledge Music, and pursuing dreams. Read the interview below.

Please introduce yourself.
SS: My name is Spencer Sutherland, and I'm singer from a town outside of Columbus Ohio called Pickerington.

When did you start making music? Were you always drawn to the pop/acoustic sound you have now?
SS: I've always been into music, and sang since I ever can remember. The first song I remember being completely drawn to was "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis, so you could say I've always been into pop, being that was considered Pop 60 years ago. I have listened to a very large variety of music growing up and still do. You will hear lots of different influences in my own music as a result, but Pop/RnB is where it's at for me.

What went into your 'Unveiled' EP? What was that process like?
SS: Ahhhh I'm so excited to have Unveiled out! The process was so fun! The writing, recording and getting to be a part of the production -- loved it all! My awesome band played all of the live instruments on the EP too, which is really cool.

You used Pledge Music to help fund the EP. What drew you to that platform over alternatives? Would you recommend Pledge to other artists?
SS: Pledge is so awesome! Great people to work with! I would recommend it to any artist or group! It's easy and really fun because I get to interact with my fans through in a unique way and I am able to offer them personalized items and exclusive content!

How did you choose "Nothing Can Hurt Me" to be your next single?
SS: I chose "Nothing Can Hurt Me" because of the response that I've gotten when I played it live. Fans seem to really be into it and request it a lot!

What motivated you to make your new "Nothing Can Hurt Me" video a fan appreciation video?
SS: Well that's easy - lets start with my fans are the BEST! I think my fans know how much they mean to me, but just in case there was any doubt in their minds I wanted to show them ;) I think its cool to have them be A PART of my project rather than just watching.

How did it feel to have to many fans submit clips for the video?
SS: It blew me away!! I HAVE THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD! It was amazing to see all the original AND creative submissions.

How have the fans reacted to that video so far?
SS: People have been so supportive and amazing to me about the video! I have gotten requests to do something similar in the future!

This isn't the first time you've called for fan interaction. Tell us about your Female Friday Cover series. 
SS: I love interacting with fans, so I thought it would be great for them to choose my songs! Every week I gave them 4 choices and they all got to vote and choose one cover for me to do for a month! I chose to call it "Female Friday Feature" because the girls were (and still are) blowing up the charts! It was so much fun, and I'm for sure going to do it again!

Which one of the chosen covers was your favorite?
SS: I loved all of them, but doing "Bang Bang" was really fun because I really got to collab with my band to change it up and make it more of an original spin!

On to Spencer news: You signed a deal with Ford Models a few months ago. Congrats, by the way! How did that come about?
SS: I'm so excited I can now say that I'm a model! Like What??? Haha I'm so grateful to be on the FORD team! They're amazing to work with! Basically we went to have an exploratory meeting at FORD NYC and next thing I know, I'm signing a contract! CRAZY!

What has that experience been like so far? Has it interfered with your music at all?
SS: Not interfered at all! In fact, they want to work WITH my music career. I am a singer who also models and FORD is great about that!

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue their dreams?
SS: GO FOR IT! You have literally ONE life. Why spend it wondering what if? It's not going to be easy, but it's so worth it.

What are you looking to do next as an artist?
SS: I am currently working on finishing my album and figuring out the single, so naturally I cant wait for that! And then I will be doing shows to support it. Excited to see my fans! There's always a corner to look around, and it keeps life exciting!

Is there anything else you would like to say?
SS: I just want to say thank you so much for YOUR support. I appreciate the interest!! and I want to let my fans know how much I love them!

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